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Earlier this week I posted this link on my Gingerbread Alien facebook page.

I thought it was rather apt after my post last week on the importance of kids reading themselves everyday. In that post I briefly touched on parents sharing the reading experience with their children by reading to them..  However, it brought me to thinking about the signifcance of reading aloud to kids of all ages and perhaps the need to explore this topic a little further.

By now most parents know the benefits of reading aloud to their young ones, but how many parents continue to read to their children once the child has become an independent reader?

Here are my thoughts and I hope perhaps awesome reasons to read to your child from birth to the teenage years and everthing in between.

1. Reassurance of love and security. Babies feel safe and loved when…

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Comments on: "10 Awesome Reasons for Reading Aloud to Your Kids Whatever Their Age." (7)

  1. I so agree Bette. I always read to my children when they were little. I would sit on the sofa in the afternoon and tell them to pick their favorite book they each wanted me to read. They would run to their room and come out with 3 or 4 books each. We read for hours. I miss doing that with them. It was one of the most fun parts of the day.


    • We always read at bedtime… The two girls would be on either side of me propped up on plenty of pillows. Fairy tales, nursery rhymes, Bible stories, Dr. Seuss (when they were little); chapter books later. We all took turns reading every night. I required 15 minutes of reading aloud for my students when I was teaching. It works… If parents weren’t available for them I’d tell them to read to their teddy bears, trucks, pillows or whatever was special to them. And, of course we read in the classroom. I read aloud every day after lunch. They loved it! And so did I… I still love going into schools and libraries to read. I wish more adults would volunteer to to that. Kids love to have “myster readers” (local volunteers) come into the classroom to read and after lunch is usually the perfect time. Books are magical and children are too! 🙂


  2. Thanks for rebloging my post Bette, much appreciated. I hope more parents/granparents continue to read to their children even as they grow into independent young teens. 🙂


  3. […] 10 Awesome Reasons for Reading Aloud to Your Kids Whatever Their Age […]


  4. […] 10 Awesome Reasons for Reading Aloud to Your Kids Whatever Their Age […]




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