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Season Makover HAIKU bas 2015

Here at ‘The Farmstead’ in Central Maine, the when leaves have fallen and we’re feeling a little blue, we awake to morning magic—a landscape transformed with fresh fallen snow. Our first season’s adornment arrived last week—a mere inch and a half of that lovely white lace. Blessed by late autumn’s makeover. ~ Bette A. Stevens, Maine author/illustrator

4 Book Inspired by Nature &...Collage bas 2015

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  1. Nice. I know of what you speak. I lived in New Brunswick for 3 bitter winters. We are also having a mild winter here. El Nino they say.
    So I figure somebody must be getting clobbered.

  2. Betty … that’s pretty … GOOD.
    Have a great Christmas!

    • Thank you, JC. Believe it or not, I think we’re in for a warm (by our New England standards) Christmas this year. We’re usually knee keep in the white stuff by now, but the ground is still warm and weather predictions are 40s for the upcoming week. Not complaining after two winters of way too much of a good thing (snow). Wishing you a wonderful Christmas too! 🙂

  3. How beautiful your words are Better A. Stevens! You and I have a similar style and I love haiku poetry. Did you photography the image too?

    Thanks for following me on Totally Inspired Mind

    Paulette Le Pore Motzko

    • Hi, Paulette. Thanks so much for your lovely comments. The photos are mine as well. I have a little digital Cannon and am far from a pro, but I love trying to capture the images that inspire me. I’m so glad that we’ve connected and look forward to reading more of your inspiring posts! <3

  4. Beautiful Haiku Bette. Nice to connect. 🙂

  5. Hi Bette,

    You have got a wonderful blog. I loved browsing through it and the pictures are amazing! Here you have another Nature lover, trying to explore human nature! Thank you for nudging me to meet you. 🙂

  6. Loved the poem—-you are so good at these and the picture is charming. I agree that a little snow is lovely but can do without 2 feet of it. We had thick fog to drive through yesterday. That’s the worst.

    • Thanks, Micki. Stay safe and warm, my friend. Today’s snow melted on the way down–lucky us, got home from appts. safe and sound. HUGS! <3

  7. Beautiful Bette!

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    Something to get us in the seasonal spirit and a lovely Haiku too! Thanks Bette! 😀

  9. Love the poem and the picture…We haven’t had any of this so far this season, still waiting for winter to show its face! Thanks for sharing your beautiful sentiments!

  10. This is lovely Bette, as light and delicate as the first flakes of snow. Exquisite photo too, winter days like that are just perfect. Here we have unusually mild weather at approx, 14 degrees centigrade Iater today!

    • Thank you for your lovely and poetic compliment, Annika. After our first snowfall we’re now enjoying a warm, but wet week here in Central Main (unusal, yet welcomed). More of those delicate flakes are sure to appear as magically as the first any day. Enjoy your December! <3

  11. What a gorgeous scene!!! Thanks for sharing that, Bette!

  12. It’s lovely, but honestly? Better you than us! I am SO happy to NOT have snow yet. Maybe El Nino will save us this year.

    • It’s always magical, but sometimes less is more. Crossing our fingers for a warmer winter after the last two; Dan says we may get our wish thanks to “The Baby.” Stay safe and warm and enjoy the holidays. Hugs! Bette

  13. Beautiful, Bette. We get so little snow here.

  14. Wow what a gorgeous picture and poem! lovely!

  15. Beautiful. I love snow and hope we get a little this year out here is Oregon. When I lived in New England, the ice storms were lovely, the whole landscape encased in glass. 🙂

    • HI, Diana. Thanks for your thoughtful note and mention of our Winter Wonderlands in New England. They are inspiring, especially when we can watch and wait for the roads to clear. Holiday Hugs! <3

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