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Celebrate National Poetry Month!

Countdown Commences (Spring Haiku) by Bette A. Stevens

Happy April and Happy National Poetry Month. Snow pack is still in meltdown stage here at the farmstead in Central Maine, but spring blooms will soon be appearing. Johnny-jump-ups (like the ones I photographed on the poster) are sure to be among the first blooms of the season. They’re one of those hardy native plants that bloom in abundance and pop up everywhere from early spring until the first hard freeze the next fall—hence the title and last line of the poem. This photo of last year’s blooms inspired me to write countdown Commences,  a spring haiku (Japanese-inspired, non-rhyming three-line: 5-7-5 syllable poem).

Countdown Commences

Haiku by Bette A. Stevens

Enchanting blossoms
Springtide emerging from earth
Countdown commences

I love designing  posters to go with my poems and often use photos I have taken. As a former teacher (now retired) in grades four through eight, I know that kids of all ages love writing poetry and they enjoy illustrating their poems too. It’s simple and it’s so much fun to tell a story in the three short lines of Haiku. Of course, you can write as many stanzas as you wish. Give it a try! 

Grab the kids, take out your pens, head into the great outdoors and get inspired!

~Bette A. Stevens, Maine author/illustrator

(Haiku: m)


noun hai·ku \ˈhī-(ˌ)kü\

  1. :  an unrhymed verse form of Japanese origin having three lines containing usually five, seven, and five syllables respectively; also :  a poem in this form usually having a seasonal reference — compare tanka


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Comments on: "Write a Spring Haiku & Get the Kids Writing Too!" (64)

  1. I think we are a lot alike, Bette. We both love kids and we both love nature and writing and haiku! I love this spring haiku and those are some of my favorite flowers, too. 🙂 Blessings to you! xo

    • I’m with you all the way, Gayl! ❤ Thanks so much for stopping by to chat about our common passions. Sending lots of love your way… xoxoxo

  2. Glad you’re promoting poetry for kids (and kids-at-heart), Bette. ❤

  3. ‘Internet Destiny Thoughts’ – ‘Tanka You!’

    Social Media
    Can corrupt my writing plans:
    Leave me frustrated;
    Leave me terribly wasted,
    No energy to inscribe.

    BR Chitwood@

  4. Having confessed my thoughts on Social Media, your ‘promoting poetry’ for kids is a noble goal, AND, I’m all for it! — Just adding a little levity! ♥♥♥

    • 😀 You got me… Thanks for the encouraging words, Billy Ray. Poetry is a great way to help kids fall in love with the written word and recognize its power. Have a fantastic week, my friend. ❤

  5. The johnny jump-ups are beautiful and I really like the Haiku form. I started writing in grade school and experimented with both short stories and poetry. My parents encouraged me at every step I took, but I also remember all of the teachers who encouraged me to keep exploring my writing. It’s so important for young, creative minds.

    • Thanks so much for sharing your story, Mae. It’s so rewarding to share the love and the power of words with the kids in our lives! ❤ xo

  6. Beautiful…both your poem and the picture! Happy Poetry Month Bette. Love and hugs.

    • Thank you, Balroop. I’m enjoying your awesome Poetry Posts celebrating the power of the poem… Happy Poetry Month to you, too! ❤ Blessings and love… xo

  7. I hope the countdown is commencing! Great haiku, Bette, and lovely idea for engaging kids in poetry. Hope your days are warming!

    • Thanks, Diana. 🙂 Kids really do love poetry and writing these “little stories in a nutshell” is challenging and so much fun! 🙂 The meltdown is on and it looks like we’ll get to enjoy a whole week in the 40s and 50s… YAY! xo

  8. It’s such a lovely activity – and children enjoy it because it is accessible. Your haiku is beautiful, btw…

  9. Lovely Haiku, Bette. It made me want to jump up and milk Spring for all its worth! ❤

  10. Happy Poetry Month, Bette. Lovely haiku and photo. The countdown is slow in my neck of the woods, but it is progressing.

    • Thanks, Molly! 🙂 The countdown is progressing here too…and, just think, it might reach the 50s this week. Yay! Happy Poetry Month & Happy Spring. xo

      • It is National Humor Month, too, Bette and I’ll be celebrating that along with National Poetry Month on my blog tomorrow. 😉 The 50’s! Yay!!! I heard one weather reporter say the word sixty. She was giddy at the thought of it.

  11. This just makes me smile! Thank you for sharing the love, Bette! XO

  12. A lovely haiku, Bette. I like haiku and tanka poems for the same reason. You can tell a story in a few punchy words.

  13. I love your haiku – so cheery and springy. What a lovely celebration for National Poetry Month and spring.

  14. So inspiring to children of all ages! ❤

  15. Both your haiku and the photo of the johnny-jump-ups are beautiful! I hope Spring arrives sooner than later. Hugs ❤️❤️

  16. Hi Bette, Thank you very much for sharing your haiku at the Senior Salon. I am so happy to see you and hope your fellow bloggers will also come over, check us out and participate.

  17. I thought this was a very encouraging post Bette and you haiku excellent. In my part of the world after a long hot summer, we are looking forward to cooler weather, even today, April 11 its 30C. So over it.

    • Thanks for your thoughtful note, Michael. Our snow is slowly disappearing and a brand ne world will soon be appearing…Your 30C sounds perfectly heavenly right now to me… 🙂 Enjoy your soon to be new world too!

  18. As always Bette I enjoyed your spring haiku!

  19. I run a weekly Writer’s Club at school and our challenge each week is to complete a haiku and flash fiction to share with the others in the group. The children love it and find it hilarious fun to combine the most arbitrary things to create the haiku. I’m going to use your idea of taking them outside this summer to inspire their writing further. Thank you!

    • Your ideas are awesome, Eloise! 🙂 You remind me of my blessed days in the classroom with all of my precious students. We would take nature walks with pen and notebook in hand–their poetry was fantastic and we would have poetry readings in our outdoor theater (Yes, we really had one on a path near the school) every week during good weather. Nature is sure inspiring and so are our children. Thanks so much for stopping by to chat, my friend. ❤ May your week be amazing! xo

  20. A beautiful haiku and may the countdown indeed commence! 😀 I always love your accompanying photos … a lovely post. ❤️

  21. Beautiful haiku, Bette, and lovely photo! What program do you use for adding text to photos?

  22. […] Write a Spring Haiku & Get the Kids Writing Too! shared by Bette […]

  23. Hi Bette! I’m back to let you know that I chose your post as my favorite for #LMMLinkup and it will be featured on my blog! 🙂

    • Delighted to find your sweet note, Gayl… An honor and a privilege to be selected as a favorite feature on your lovely blog. Thanks so much! ❤ xo

  24. […] by the beauty of the deep blue sky and had to take some photos. This afternoon I reread a post by Bette Stevens. She reminded me that this is National Poetry Month and inspired me to write another haiku for […]

  25. Dear Bette, I have often wanted to come check out your site because of the sweet comments I’ve seen you leave at our friend Gayl’s site. So today when she featured you at the #LMMLinkup, I knew it was the perfect way to come visit you. I love those little viola’s and your beautiful Haiku. And what a sweet gift to pass down to the younger ones–to be able to find the joys of poetry! Blessings to you! P.S. I’m a little partial to your name also! 🙂

    • Hi, Bettie! I’m partial to your name too… 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit and for your thoughtful note. It’s a blessing to meet a new friend who shares the love of reading and writing with children of all ages. ❤ Blessings and love… xo

  26. I always love the combinations of your haiku and the pictures you find! Great to have you link up at Booknificent Thursday on Mommynificent.com this week!

  27. Have you seen the children’s book Dogku by Andrew Clements? It’s delightful…

  28. Your beautiful words and pictures are always a perfect combination, Bette! Wishing you a Happy Spring! 😊❤ xoxo

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