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One concern parents have is how to inspire their children to meet challenges with patience and persistence. This is the plot of the award-winning picture book, AMAZING MATILDA, A Monarchs Tale, written and illustrated by Bette A. Stevens. In this story a caterpillar wants to learn how to fly. She asks all of her friends in the meadow, but doesn’t find an easy answer. Yet, she continues the quest until, at last, she becomes what she wants to be—a butterfly. AMAZING MATILDA offers adults the opportunity to inspire the children in their lives to meet their own challenges with patience and persistence.

  • Be sure to check out the #FREE PDFs.  Amazing Matilda Finger Puppets and Fun & Learning with Monarch Butterflies— two excellent reading and life/environmental science resources to go along with the book. Find the download links below.
  • Award-winning AMAZING MATILDA is available in paperback and eBook versions and it’s an AMAZON KINDLE MATCHBOOK—that means, when you purchase the paperback for $9.49, you can download the eBook version for FREE! Click the link to Order your copies today.

#FREE Reading & Monarch Butterfly Resources from Bette

Stevens has put together two (2) FREE #PDF companion pieces to make talking to the kids about AMAZING MATILDA and learning about Monarch butterflies exciting and fun.

CLICK THE TWO LINKS ABOVE TO DOWNLOAD. These resources will not only keep the kids talking about the book with their finger puppets, they’ll learn even more about Monarch Butterflies, their endangered habitat, monarch and milkweed conservation and preservation.  Fun & Learning offers activity sites and resources for butterfly gardeners and teachers as well.  Don’t miss these two great resources for families, clubs, classrooms and homeschoolers.

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Comments on: "Looking for the Perfect Picture Book for the Kids this Spring?" (42)

  1. The perfect book for spring! And the accompaniments are simply too wonderful to pass up. Amazing, Bette!


  2. What could be more appropriate for Easter than a book about a butterfly? 🙂 Sharing…


  3. Bette, your finger puppets and learning about monarchs is a wonderful add-on to your book. Great idea! Hugs, Tracy


  4. A fantastic book, Bette! My granddaughter loves reading it, over and over. Love and hugs.


  5. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Matilda and her friends, can practically see them in my backyard!… I would recommend the book for anyone irregardless of their age!… 🙂


  6. Got my copy, Bette! It’s working its way up my TBR pile.


  7. such a wonderful
    gift for children
    of all ages, Betty 🙂


  8. Great book! Bought a copy for my granddaughter, and she loves it! 🙂


  9. A perfect children’s book and an excellent book for adults, as well.


  10. Congrats on the book Bette and it sounds like a great learning tool for the younger ones. So nice to see it comes in different formats. Have a good weekend ❤


  11. Ultra said:

    Interesting stories about butterflies and nature conservation, thank you for bringing knowledge about the book, I plan to buy.


    • Thanks so much for stopping by to visit Matilda and for your support, Ultra. 🦋🦋 I’m looking forward to butterfly season here in central Maine. Last summer I was blessed to witness two gorgeous monarch butterflies emerge from their chrysalides. Have an amazing weekend! 🦋🦋


  12. Beautiful book Bette. I love the title, the content and the illustrations.
    You are one clever lady and I know of your deep interest in saving the Monarch so
    Matilda would come alive easily for you.
    Have a great weekend



  13. A perfect book Bette. I love it. Thanks for sharing. Love and hugs.


  14. My grandson loved this book, Bette. He still remembers that monarchs are named Matilda. So cute. 🙂


  15. What a lovely thing for the little ones.

    Have a fabulous day and weekend, Bette. ♥


  16. Reblogged this on Not Tomatoes.


  17. I loved this book! ❤


  18. Hélène - Willow Poetry said:

    A lovely learning book, interesting for both children and adults.


  19. A perfect book to celebrate the advent of spring and the learning activities are a big plus!


  20. Bette, a beautiful and memorable book and the extra free resources are a great boon to adults and children! 😀 Have a lovely weekend, my friend! ❤️


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