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In this day and age of advanced technology, we are exposed to the written word everywhere we look- on our phones, tablets, laptops, iPads, TV, and so on and so on. In fact, chances are very good that your kids are just as exposed as you are. And while this could be an awesome thing, there is one major disadvantage: it is putting a wall between us and our children. 

Not only is it taking up too much of our time, it has stolen too many moments away from our families, as well. 

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Comments on: "5 Reasons Why You Should Read to Your Kids" (12)

  1. Great reasons–and that’s only the first five reasons of maybe a thousand. Or more. Surely more.


  2. I left a comment on the original site too, but I’ll just add here that I completely agree that parents should read to their kids. There are few greater gifts we can give our children than a love of books and reading.


  3. We should all read to our kids and what’s more we should love it. That relationship we build where together we discover fantasy worlds and fabulous ideas is a dream time for all of us and we need to dream. Loved this post!


  4. I shared this post on Google+, Bette. Thanks for sharing ❤️


  5. This is so true and very detrimental to the family, but especially the kids since they lose the normal familial bonding process of years ago. This is a pet peeve of mine and I’ve written about it too.


  6. Thank you so much for reblogging my post! 🙂


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