A writer inspired by nature and human nature

I am a writer who loves nature

I love to take day trips to the coast with my husband Dan, when we have time to kick back a relax.

“I love to take day trips to the coast with my husband Dan, when we have time to kick back and  relax.”

I am a writer inspired by nature and human nature

“I love to walk and enjoy nature’s beauty, whether at home or on the go. Inspired by the beauty all around, I enjoy jot down notes and composing short poems. The coast is one of my favorite place to relax. I’m a nature collector—everything from seashells to birds’ nests. In the winter, I love to snowshoe. Husband Dan and I have nearly two miles of trails on our farmstead woodlands and walk most days. Collecting nature’s treasures happens everywhere we go. Our collection even includes some giant turkey mushrooms a paper wasp nest.  When I was teaching, these treasures filled my classroom and provided inspiration for reading, writing and research. It was hands-on fun and excitement and I enjoyed every moment spent learning with, from and about my students. One thing I learned is that many children don’t have an adult to read to them or listen to them read and have book discussions. My own childhood was filled with books and adults who shared and encouraged a love of reading. I’ve written some poetry and several short stories. I plan to write some fiction and post reviews on some of my favorite books. I’m also interviewing authors and finding out about their latest works. And, I’ll be sharing some of your stories and tips on reading and writing, along with some of my own. Let’s have fun learning, living, sharing and loving the beauty of nature and language together.”  —Maine Author/Illustrator Bette A. Stevens

Bette A. Stevens is currently working on her fifth book, A poetry collection. 



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  1. Love learning about all you have done and many thanks for always supporting my posts 🙂 How far up in Maine do you call home? Do you leave for the winters or tough it out with most of us? I want to loose enough weight and head to Arcadia 🙂 hiking with JT not sure my sweetie could walk as far as her and I then again if I walk slow I will get more PHOTOS lol


    • Hi, Eunice. We have a 37-acre farmstead in Hartland, ME (Central between Waterville & Bangor). We’re retired now and stay tucked right in here for winters. I walk every day and love the great outdoors any time of year. We love the coast, so occasional day trips fit right in to our schedule. Hiked the Tableland Trail up Mt. Battie in October. I’m a slow plodder, since like you, I like to take it all in a snap some shots. Have been meaning to do a post of that one. I’d better hurry, it’s getting late… I really enjoy your photos, posts and chatting with you, too. Cheers to old New England! Bette


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