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AMAZING MATILDA Finger Puppets #FREE Download

Finger puppets not only provide a great way for children to enjoy retelling a story, they offer the perfect opportunity for children and adults to talk about books. In AMAZING MATILDA, readers and listeners not only learn about the life cycle of a Monarch butterfly. They’ll also discover invaluable life lessons about friendship, patience and persistence, all while learning the importance of encouraging others.


Character puppets from AMAZING MATILDA

  • MATILDA (Monarch caterpillar to butterfly) as she transforms from a black and white to a black, white and gold caterpillar; spins a chrysalis, emerges from her chrysalis, discovers her wings.
  • SPARROW (The wise adult who encourages Matilda at every stage of development) NOTE: Birds, who generally love to feast on caterpillars, aren’t interested in eating Monarchs. Why? The poison ingested from milkweed by the Monarch makes predators ill/it’s not fatal. The golden color of the caterpillar and butterfly is another way that nature wards off predators.
  • TOAD and RABBIT (Friends who make fun of Matilda because she has no wings when they first meet her) become encouragers when they remember what it was like when they were younger and couldn’t do all of the things they wanted to do.

To DOWNLOAD your free pdf for AMAZING MATILDA’s  FINGER PUPPETS simply CLICK THIS LINK: am-finger-puppets-handout-1

Don’t have your copy of AMAZING MATILDA yet? No worries. AM HighResolution BW BorderAMAZING MATILDA, A Monarch’s Tale is available in Paperback $9.49 and eBook $3.99 versions. When you order the paperback from Amazon, you can always download the eBook for FREE any time through Amazon’s Matchbook. https://www.amazon.com/Amazing-Matilda-Monarchs-Bette-Stevens/dp/1470187663/

Have lots of fun talking books with the kids in your life!

~ Bette A. Stevens, Maine author/illustrator http://viewauthor.at/BetteAStevens

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