A writer inspired by nature and human nature

DBS Publishing, LC

DBS Publishing, LC
Bette A. Stevens, author/illustrator/publisher
261 Ford Hill Road
Hartland, ME 04943

(207) 938-2753




“Inspired by nature and human nature”

Children’s Books
Historical Fiction
Literary Fiction

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Available to booksellers & libraries through Ingram at 45% discount. Author signed copies available from publisher at retail ($16.00).

Inspired by The Pine Tree State­—Maine’s diverse landscape, natural beauty, rural communities, and independent people—the author’s 150 haiku poems, along with her photographs, reflect the Maine she knows and loves. My Maine, Haiku through the Seasons takes readers on a poetic journey through the state’s four distinct seasons. Whether you’re a native Mainer or from away, Stevens’s short story poems and photographs will resonate.  The collection opens with Maine Pines and People. The journey continues with the rejuvenating spirit of Spring Awakenings and Summer Songs; then on to more of Maine’s extraordinary places and people in Autumn Leaves and Winter Tales. In addition to its poems and photographs, My Maine includes state symbols and interesting facts about The Pine Tree State.

Back Cover Blurbs

“…From the windowsill seedlings and crowned crocus choirs of spring to the lady slippers and salamander spots of summer… from crispy, crunchy leaves and pumpkin confections of autumn to the white weighted branches and icicles weeping of winter… Bette Stevens’s imagery draws the reader into her world of wonder and delight. This is a collection to be slowly savored, made even more delicious with her original drawings and photographs. I can’t remember enjoying a book of poetry more.” —N.A. Granger, Professor Emerita, University of North Carolina

“Bette Stevens’s book My Maine will affect people in multiple ways.…Those reading it without having set foot in the Pine Tree State will find themselves imagining what might be, and in time, will find themselves visiting us and referring back to favorite passages read in anticipation of coming here and sharing what we Mainers savor 365 days a year.”  —John R. Clark, MLIS, author and librarian

  • For information on scheduling an interview with Ms. Stevens, requesting a review copy, requesting an autographed copy or for any other questions, please contact the author by phone (207) 938-2753 or by email bettestevens@tds.net 

Other books by Bette A. Stevens

Available through Amazon  http://www.amazon.com/author/betteastevens
Signed copies available at retail prices directly through the author/publisher


  • The Tangram Zoo and Word Puzzles Too!
    Children’s activity book (Ages 5­11)
  • Amazing Matilda, A Monarch Butterfly Tale
    Children’s Picture Book (Ages 512)
    Awards: 2013 Purple Dragonfly Book Award; 2013 Gittle List
  • Pure Trash (Short story/1950s fiction)
    A single day—a lifetime of lessons.
  • Dog Bone Soup, A Boomer Boy’s Journey (Novel)
    KCT International Literary Award Top Finalist 2017
    A 1950s and 60s rural New England coming-of-age saga.


About the author

Inspired by nature and human nature, author Bette A. Stevens is a retired elementary and middle school teacher, a wife, mother of two and grandmother of eight. Stevens lives in central Maine with her husband on their 37-acre farmstead where she enjoys reading, writing, gardening, walking and reveling in the beauty of nature. She advocates for children and families, for childhood literacy and for the conservation of monarch butterflies (milkweed is the only plant that monarch caterpillars will eat). Stevens has written articles for ECHOES, The Northern Maine Journal of Rural Culture. As of July 2019,  Stevens has self-published five books and has a second poetry collection on the drawing board.


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