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Sacred Touches


O such a commotion under the ground
When March called,”Ho there! ho!”
Such spreading of rootlets far and wide,
Such whisperings to and fro!
“Are you ready?” the Snowdrop asked,
” ‘Tis time to start , you know.”
“Almost, my dear! the Scilla replied,
“I’ll follow as soon as you go.”
Then “Ha! ha! ha!” a chorus came
Of laughter sweet and low,
From millions of flowers under the ground,
Yes, millions beginning to grow.

“I’ll promise my blossoms,” the Crocus said,
“When I hear the blackbird sing.”
And straight thereafter Narcissus cried,
“My silver and gold I’ll bring.”
“And ere they are dulled,” another spoke,
“The Hyacinth bells shall ring.”
But the Violet only murmured , “I’m here,”
And sweet grew the air of Spring.

O the pretty brave things, thro’ the coldest days
Imprisoned in the walls of brown,
They never lost heart tho’ the blast shrieked loud,

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Comments on: "294. March is a month of expectation… ~Emily Dickinson" (3)

  1. Inspiring, invigorating… something new on the horizon! Ready, set, go… Have a great week, Barbara! 🙂


  2. New beginnings are always so promising, aren’t they?


    • You have visited my blog a couple of times and I’ve always wanted to thank you for that but couldn’t find a way to do that. So I’m glad to have noticed your comment to Bette. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. I’m glad you’ve liked some of my posts and hope you will come again. Blessings, Natalie 🙂


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