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I love nature and usually have a little notepad and pencil with my on my nature walks. Nature is inspiring… I was resting and reflecting down by one of my favorite spots, a lovely little brook nearby.  Suddenly a few golden word nuggets grabbed me when I spotted the fall asters dancing in the breeze. ~ Bette A. Stevens

Final Performance SMALL

Comments on: "Celebrating Summer’s Cessation with a poem…" (7)

  1. Hi

    […]considered people placed into this specific writting i will book mark to return after[…]


  2. Lovely sentiment and apt right now, thank you.


  3. Have you tried Allegra for your allergies? It works great for me… WISHING YOU A “SELL-OUT” DAY FOR YOUR SALE! Thank so much for the read and note. 🙂


  4. nutsfortreasure said:

    So pretty and my yard is full of them and I am sneezing like crazy 🙂

    Lovely words for this pretty Purple bloom. Great idea to have pen and paper

    Have a wonderful Sunday it is our Plant Sale hope we sell out 🙂


  5. Absolutely lovely, Bette 🙂


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