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A special day to remember with great new forever friends Marilyn and Gary Armstrong. We met on the net, but we’ll never forget that face-to-face meetings are far better yet! If you haven’t had a chance to meet my extraordinary new friends, yet, be sure to stop by SERENDIPITY Blog, that’s http://www.teepee12.com. You’re sure to find great post, pix and peeks into everything under the sun, where some say there is nothing new. They keep this Boomer (me) laughing and learning. ~ Bette A. Stevens


And down the mountain we drove. Around 85 miles down, same mileage back. We met Bette Stevens, of 4 Writers and Readers. She’s in the middle of a round of editing her next book, but she took the time to spend the afternoon with me and Garry.

Bette Stevens Bette Stevens

A great lunch and Ken’s Family Restaurant, a trip to the Magaret Chase Smith Library, and a brief sojourn to see the world’s tallest Indian (statue), created by Bernard Langlais (1921-1977), a sculptor from Old Town who attended the local art school.

Marilyn and Bette Marilyn and Bette

Garry and I were wearing our matched pair of Serendipity sweat shirts. You could hardly tell us apart!

Marilyn and Garry by Bette Stevens Marilyn and Garry by Bette Stevens

Garry and Bette Garry and Bette

We had great conversation at lunch, then spent some time taking picture of each other, visiting the library and admiring the statue, which is oddly located next to…

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  1. Garry Armstrong said:

    Bette, it was terrific meeting you. Wish we had more time for the Chase Library. I love spending time with history. And, some of it I remember in the first person. That’s always scary.


    • I want to go back again too. Still much to see and the house tour too… Maybe WE THREE MUSKATEERS (or should I say ex-MOUSKATEERS) can do it . together. I thoroughly enjoyed the lovely day and fantastic company. THANKS! 🙂


  2. What a great day! You know it was raining here when we got back? And it rained — a little bit — today, too. Is it trying to tell us something?


    • Hopefully it’s a sign you’ll have plenty of water when you get home! Can’t tell you how much I enjoyed my time with you and Garry. You’re my kind of friends on and! off the net. Have a safe and fun drive back home with your VT detour. ❤ & HUGS p.s. No rain here…


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