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A special day to remember with great new forever friends Marilyn and Gary Armstrong. We met on the net, but we’ll never forget that face-to-face meetings are far better yet! If you haven’t had a chance to meet my extraordinary new friends, yet, be sure to stop by SERENDIPITY Blog, that’s http://www.teepee12.com. You’re sure to find great post, pix and peeks into everything under the sun, where some say there is nothing new. They keep this Boomer (me) laughing and learning. ~ Bette A. Stevens


  1. Garry Armstrong said:

    Bette, it was terrific meeting you. Wish we had more time for the Chase Library. I love spending time with history. And, some of it I remember in the first person. That’s always scary.


    • I want to go back again too. Still much to see and the house tour too… Maybe WE THREE MUSKATEERS (or should I say ex-MOUSKATEERS) can do it . together. I thoroughly enjoyed the lovely day and fantastic company. THANKS! 🙂


  2. What a great day! You know it was raining here when we got back? And it rained — a little bit — today, too. Is it trying to tell us something?


    • Hopefully it’s a sign you’ll have plenty of water when you get home! Can’t tell you how much I enjoyed my time with you and Garry. You’re my kind of friends on and! off the net. Have a safe and fun drive back home with your VT detour. ❤ & HUGS p.s. No rain here…


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