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Happy Holidays & Happy Reading! ~ Bette A. Stevens, Maine author http://www.4writersandreaders.com

Comments on: "Sally’s Cafe and Bookstore Christmas Update – Wendy Janes, Bette A. Stevens and Annette Rochelle Aben" (10)

  1. Bette – the more I read about you, the more I like what I read. You seem like a very caring, sharing person. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Year’s holiday!


    • Dear Mattie, thanks so much for stopping to chat and for taking time to lift my spirits with your thoughtful comments. May your Christmas be bright and beautiful and your New Year a very happy one! ❤


  2. Merry Christmas dearest Bette! 🙂


  3. Hi, Diana. Thanks for your visit, your thoughtful comments and for checking out Sally’s post. Sally Cronin in a “Wonder Woman” in her effects to support so many authors. Blessings to you and to Sally too! 🙂 ❤

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  4. Great to see you in Sally’s updates, Bette. She does such a great job helping with promotions. Your book makes a wonderful gift ❤

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  5. Now this sounds like an excellent book. What a clever concept–hope I get to read it.

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  6. Aw, so sweet of you to reblog. Merry Christmas to you, Bette! And to all those who mean the most to you. ❤

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