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Kids Lit Review

4.5 StarsBeautiful Wild Rose Girl
B. Magnolia
Mystic World Press
No. Pgs: 32  Ages: 4+

From Back Cover: If everyone in the village calls her “Beautiful Wild Rose Girl,” why does this poor, sad girl live in a swamp? And why, when she goes to bed every night, does she hear bullfrogs sing to her:

TroOonk! TroOnk! TroOnk!

What a Stupid Ugly Girl!

This is a story about learning to see yourself as the beautiful person you really are. And how, sometimes, to break a terrible spell, you need love, the understanding of a pure-hearted shepherd, and the help of a Very Mysterious Moth.

Outside of the village lived a young girl who lived in a swamp. At night, the young girl slept with bullfrogs who sang to her, “TroOnk! TroOnk! TroOnk! What a stupid Girl!” She had heard this song so often she believed every…

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