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BOOK BLOG FAIR TODAY: Join the fun and maybe Win a Book in the Raffle! Merry Christmas… You’ll find AMAZING MATILDA, THE TANGRAM ZOO & WORD PUZZLES TOO! and lots of other great books right here… Bette A. Stevens


Happy Holidays! Welcome to  my first ever on-line Blog Book Fair. We have a great mix of books here. All kinds, for all tastes. So please browse and choose a wonderful book to keep you entertained.

Thschrift-3.-rede raffle is closed. I’d like to thank everyone who took part in it. The book fair will remain up for anyone who would like to buy a book. Please do so, we are very grateful for anyone who buys one. I am happy to say by the traffic to the site and all the people who took part in the raffle it was a roaring success!!!! Thanks a lot.  the management 🙂

Below are the books for sale; I have them separated by category (in Pink) so you can easily find the books you like. Once you find the book you would like to buy just click the sell link that…

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  1. I stopped in at THE 2012 BOOK BLOG FAIR and found some great new reads… Ordered a few for myself and even sent some Amazon Gift Books to friends. 🙂 Merry Christmas to all!


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