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~Poem by Bette A. Stevens © January 1, 2013~

Winter 2012_12

I collected word nuggets for The Ice Crystal Robe several years ago. Last week I shot the photograph for this post when one of our lilac trees was shimmering like a gemstone in winter’s early morning sunlight after a storm. ~Bette A. Stevens~

The Ice Crystal Robe

Royal Finery,

glistening diamond ropes

embellish bare arms.

Her ice crystal robe

disappears by mid-morning.

Lilac stands naked.

Comments on: "The Ice Crystal Robe" (5)

  1. Thanks, Cynthia! I really appreciate your encouragement and support. 🙂


  2. Love it! Didn’t see the last line coming 🙂


  3. I lost my very old and huge lilacs to tree that came down during an ice storm the winter of 2010. I will always miss it. It was magnificent and had survived so many winters, but the impact of an falling oak was beyond its abilities to recover. You have reminded me of my fallen friend.


    • Thanks for sharing… There is so much beauty in the world around us. It is sad when it leaves us, but special memories never die. Blessings to you, TeePee in 2013 and beyond.


  4. nutsfortreasure said:

    Love this. I have a stand of Lilacs outside the back door and this winter I will look at them and remember this beautiful poem

    Happy New Year Bette



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