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covercombo slither sistersThe Slither Sisters: Tales from Lovecraft Middle School #2

by Charles Gilman

Eugene Smith, illustrator

Quirk Books

5 Stars

Releases on Tuesday, 1-15-2013

Back Cover: LOOKS CAN BE DECEIVING! Sarah and Sylvia Price may resemble ordinary middle grade school students, but they’re campaigning for student council, with a secret plan for abducting the entire seventh grade! The only ones brave enough to stop them are twelve-year-old Robert Arthur and his best friends: the school bully, the school ghost, and a very hungry two-headed rat. This begins where Professor Gargoyle left off.


First, let me say I have not read Professor Gargoyle and did not have any trouble understanding what this is about. The Slither Sisters stands on its own. If you have read Professor Gargoyle you will thoroughly enjoy this second book in the Lovecraft Middle School Series. One thing new readers need to know is Crawford Tillinghast, a mad…

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  1. Bette,

    Thank you the “guest review!”


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