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Amazing Matilda


Bette A. Stevens

AMAZING MATILDA Cover(small)01

When young children face a new challenge, they bear an enormous pressure: They do not have enough experience to be certain that things will eventually work out for better.

Even when we, as their parents, tell them everything will be all right, it’s hard for them to be at ease. And still, they have to trust us and work at solving their problems. That is a hard situation to be at.

Matilda is facing the same problem: She wants to become a Monarch and fly, but she does not know how to do it, how to learn it or even if she ever will be able to try it.

When her older friends, the Toad, the Rabbit and the Sparrow, tell her she can do it, she still has some doubts.

But later on, Matilda decides to have faith, to trust, to exercise her…

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Comments on: "Children’s Picture Book Inspires Kids!" (3)

  1. Thanks, Lorrie! Joe Cortez is a wonder. His company translates ebooks if you’re ever in need of a translator. 🙂


  2. How fabulous, to be able to see your words in another language. Good luck with the book.


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