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A timely book for middle-graders. ~ Bette A. Stevens


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by Joe Lawlor

Eerdmans Books for Young Readers

4 Stars



Back Cover:  Seventh grader Jun Li is a brilliant student, more comfortable around computers than people.  But his world turns upside down when the principal accuses him of a cyberbullying incident.  To prove his innocence, Jun has seven days to track down the true culprit.  Jun’s investigation will bring him face-to-face with computer hackers, a jealous boyfriend, and more than one student who has been a victim of bullying.  But he discovers along the way that everyone’s story is more complicated than it seems—and that the people he meets might have more in common than they think.

First Sentence:  Jun approached the teacher’s desk with short, hesitant steps.



Jun Li has spent most of his school days away from other students.  He is a smart kid, great with computers, but hesitant around people—except…

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