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"Three cheers for Matilda," her friends shouted.

“Three cheers for Matilda,” her friends shouted. AMAZING MATILDA by Bette A. Stevens

June 15 – 19

Are you an adult who loves to inspire kids?

This contemporary tale of friendship teaches kids to keep trying in the face of adversity. You can get it for FREE for five days. It’s…

by Bette A. Stevens.

That’s right!  It’s FREE for 5 days: JUNE 15-19.
PLUS, there are other FREE monarch goodies for you, too…

Help MATILDA spread the word!

Find out all about it at http://www.prlog.org/12153228-5-day-butterfly-book-bonanza-amazing-matilda-teaches-kids-patience-and-persistence.html

In today’s world where instant gratification is often the norm, AMAZING MATILDA teaches kids that THEY REALLY CAN REACH THEIR DREAMS & INSPIRE OTHERS ALONG THE WAY. Did you know that President Jimmy Carter called the Monarch Butterfly An Ambassador for The Americas?

English: Foreign trips of Jimmy Carter during ...

English: Foreign trips of Jimmy Carter during his presidency. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

AMAZING MATILDA is off on another world tour and she needs your help. She’s looking for children and friends of children everywhere to inspire with her story of friendship. Please SHARE AMAZING MATILDA’s 5-Day Butterfly Book Bonanza with your family, friends, fans and followers.You can download my FREE PDF and learn all about Monarch Butterflies, access games, crafts, coloring pages, teacher’s guides, butterfly gardening tips and so much more on my blog at https://4writersandreaders.com/fun-learning-with-monarchs/  Please SHARE, SHARE, SHARE the great news…THANKS for helping MATILDA spread the word! Bette A. Stevens

FREE eBook DOWNLOAD JUNE 15 – 19. ‘Amazing Matilda: A Monarch’s Tale,’ an illustrated adventure story, reaches kids and teaches kids (ages 4-11) that friendship and success go hand-in-hand.
‘AMAZING MATILDA: A Monarch’s Tale’ by Bette A. Stevens

“Children of all ages will be able to relate to monarch’s plight in some way… This story is a true gem and one that will inspire kids for years to come.” Renee Hand, award-winning adult and children’s book author. Hand reviews for the New York Journal of Books.

FIND OUT ALL ABOUT Amazing Matilda’s Butterfly Bonanza GET YOUR FREE eBOOK & SO MUCH MORE at


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  1. […] MATILDA’S BUTTERFLY BONANZA: FREE eBOOK and more… (4writersandreaders.com) […]


  2. Thank you for the signed kindle of Amazing Matilda. It is greatly appreciated. I read it and it is an excellent read and cannot wait to share the story with my grandchild.


    • All my pleasure, Slee. It’s so exciting for an author to hear from readers and actually get to communicate with them. I’m so glad that you enjoyed AMAZING MATILDA and sending you wishes for amazing times with your darling granddaugher. Aren’t grandkids a JOY! If you havent’yet had a chance to download my FREE ‘FUND & LEARNING with MONARCHS pdf, you’ll find a tab to download it to your computer. Your download will take you to awesome Monarch butterfly crafts, games, coloring pages, facts, butterfly gardening tips, teacher’s guides and more… Wishing you and yours the best of the best! Bette


  3. Congrats!! Re-blogged on College Savings Dolls! Good luck-Sarah


  4. Reblogged this on momeefriendsli and commented:
    I am so excited to Download this eBOOK. Bette A. Stevens is a wonderful author/ illustrator.


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