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Latest review of PURE TRASH, The Story, a short story by Bette A. Stevens. Here at publicatuebook’s Blog you can read it in English and Spanish! Thanks for reading and sharing… Bette

publicatuebook's Blog

pure trash

(La reseña en Español está en la parte inferior)

Most of us will be judged by our actions. The people we meet will have a clean impression of us when we start a relationship, and their opinion of us will be formed and confirmed little by little by the things we do or by the things we don´t do. They will notice if we honor our word ─whether or not we do the right thing.

Shawn Daniels does not have that luxury.

He has been judged, perhaps even before he was born.

You see, he is one of Eddy Daniels’s kids.  And it just so happens that Eddy is the town’s drunk.

So no matter what Shawn and his kid brother Willie do, they are already labeled as the trash of the town.

While some people are nice to them, many folks are just terrible to the kids, and…

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