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The vast majority of WordPress.com themes feature a sidebar, a column to the right (or left) of your blog’s content (look to your right: we have one, too!). If your posts are your blog’s bread and butter (meat and potatoes? pie à la mode?), the sidebar is where you store all the utensils you need to prepare the perfect meal for your guests. This is where you place your widgets: the useful little tools that make visiting your site more efficient and fun.

When it comes to widgets, it’s tempting to fall into one of two extremes: doing nothing (hey, my guests can bring their own paper bag!), or overstuffing the sidebar with every imaginable widget (it’s Thanksgiving! Everyday!). For most bloggers, it’s best to avoid both extremes, though. A well-organized sidebar, tailored to your blog’s specific needs, can create an engaging environment for your readers — one they’ll…

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