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Yes, kids… You can have fun when the power goes out! ~ Bette A. Stevens, author/illustrator of award-winning children’s book AMAZING MATILDA, A Monarch’s Tale http://www.Amazon.com/author/betteastevens

Kids Lit Review

best satrday everRobbie’s Big Adventures, Book 1: The Best Saturday Ever!

By Gary Cook

Adam Sward, illustrator

Scarletta Kids

Back Cover:  On a rainy Saturday, power goes out. With no TV and no chance of going outside, Robbie wonders how he could possibly have fun! With his imaginations going wild, will he even notice when the rain stops and the lights come back on?

Opening:  The weekend’s finally here. And that means no school today! Hey, what’s going on? Why is it so gray? It’s storming outside. The rain’s all I can see.

About the Story: Robbie wakes up on Saturday to a gloomy, rainy day. Soon all the power goes off, leaving him without video games and television. Mom assures him he can have a great time without TV. Robbie takes one look at the hero on his wall and has an idea. Robbie transforms himself into “The Amazer,” ready…

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