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Poignant poem of epic proportion… We must not forget. ~ Bette A. Stevens http://www.4writersandreaders.com

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pagezzI have always been intrigued and saddened by the Holocaust. To my young mind the deaths of so many people to further the aims of a madman was incomprehensible, it still is . As time passed I read whatever I could find on the subject. Not out of morbid fascination but with a need to understand how human beings can do these things. What drives them and why do others stand by and let the wholesale slaughter go on. The way the Nazis used trains for transporting the victims horrified me as a boy, I loved watching trains go by. In my dream symbology when I dream of trains it heralds death. I usually see someone riding on it. The imagery was branded on my psyche so long ago. This abhorrent chapter in humanities story began a lifetime ago, sadly it is still being written. I believe we should never forget, nor should our…

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