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ENJOY… I love this haiku! ~ Bette A. Stevens

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  1. I just learned what a Haiku is last week! I love it!

  2. You’re RIGHT (line 3)… It’s perfect! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit, it’s always great to have you!

    • THANKS for the compliment on my HAIKU endeavor here.
      I seldom write them
      I usually write in the romance genre and I love to write Five Sentence Fictions

  3. Thank you for reblogging my haiku!

    For anyone who is interested I am in the UK. This was a beautiful frosty morning with sun and blue sky. The blossom, however, took me totally by surprise. It usually appears around late April/early May! 😊

  4. I like your Christmas Haiku

    What do think of my Christmas Haiku

    A Pointsettia.
    When the green to red change comes.
    Christmas is here at last.

    • Very nice, Robin… For the 5-7-5, I would simply omit (the) second line; Christmas time is here! I really love the color change, it fits right into a haiku. THANKS FOR SHARING! MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY WRITING! <3

      • OOPS !!!
        I just realized I wrote 5-7-6 in the last line

        I should have just said

        Christmas here at last.
        [Damn I forgot Haiku grammar need not be perfect]

        How can I omit [the] second line??? What would happen to my 5-7-5 if I did?

  5. We’ve got more than a foot of snow on the ground from the weekend skyworks and the white confetti is flying again… I loved this haiku, I need it! 🙂

  6. Certainly not in my corner of the world! LOL

    Seriously, I did enjoy reading it.

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