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Something for everyone… Merry Christmas! ~ Bette A. Stevens


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schrift 2_whiteBGHappy Holidays! Welcome to  my Second on-line Christmas Day Blog Book Fair. We have a great mix of books here. All kinds, for all tastes. So please browse and choose a wonderful book to keep you entertained!



Below are new lady sherlockbooks are coming for your future pleasure;

Brooks Wachtel‘s fascinating new book;

“Lady Sherlock: Circle of the Smiling Dead”  

is Due Out in 2014!


nancy book coverNancy Cornell-Healy‘s exciting new book, Intersection

will be out in January!

So Pick up your copies of these great books as soon as they are avail!



The raffle is now closed. I want to thank everyone who took part in it both authors and readers. It was a great deal of fun and I think everyone ended up with something special. 

Our last pull was a tie, the winners will receive the following books; winner one will receive Clockwork Heart by Dru Pagliassotti and winner…

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