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A warm welcome to Rave Reviews Book Club Member and author Shirley Harris-Slaughter. Shirley’s got a special guest post for us today. Let’s listen in. ~ Bette A. Stevens


Shirley Harris-Slaughter is the author of OUR LADY OF VICTORY, the Saga of an African American Catholic Community

Shirley Harris-Slaughter is the author of OUR LADY OF VICTORY, the Saga of an African American Catholic Community

Hi, I’m Shirley Harris-Slaughter and I’d like to thank you all for having me today! Besides being a published author, here’s something else you probably didn’t know about me (if you know me)… I’m a Political Junkie! I have a love/hate relationship with politics. Another passion is my involvement in my local community. These two things keep me busy most of the time.

Politics – One thing for sure is the fact that I love to be in the know, because ignorance is no longer bliss. It could spell disaster if you are not informed on the issues, especially with what is happening right now.

Case in Point – Voting rights are being tampered with and compromised. I hate to say it, but there are some bad folks out there that are up to these shenanigans. If we don’t pay attention, we might wake up one day to find that we are no longer able to vote. In fact, that is already happening in urban communities in several southern and eastern states. One Party has succeeded in gerrymandering so many districts that your rights to representation is being challenged and compromised in the courts.

Voter laws are being challenged right now by the Department of Justice. Boy, do they have their work cut out for them.

But beware! It’s coming to a neighborhood near you.

The results of our last mid-term elections can already be seen in a dysfunctional Congress made up of these gerrymandered districts, virtually guaranteeing that these do-nothing incumbents will be re-elected. And guess what? Do-nothings affect all of us and our way of life. It doesn’t care if you are white, black, Asian, Hispanic; whether you live in the city, suburbs or rural areas… you will be affected negatively by this congress sooner or later. Look at what is happening to health care in North Carolina. Our crumbling infrastructure is another prime example of a dysfunctional government.


Please listen… You don’t have to be affiliated with Democrats or Republicans or even Independents to know there is cause for alarm when one group feels that the only way they can win, is by cheating and gerrymandering districts. Not only are your legislatures passing these draconian laws to make it harder for you to exercise your right to vote, they are also passing restrictive laws on women’s health choices and denying you the right to choose quality health care that your tax dollars are paying for.

I’m thrilled that the Justice Department has finally gone after the banks – CitiBank in particular; and making them pay back billions of dollars for their part in the economic meltdown that cost people their homes and their jobs across the country. What a sad chapter to the American Dream.

Another passion is my involvement in my local community. I got involved in hometown politics and helped elect a good friend to the Oak Park School Board. That paved the way for me to run for a position on that same school board later. I couldn’t turn down the offer because I wanted to be part of the solution. I wanted my property values to remain stable; and I wanted to play a part in providing a good education for our children who are the future.

I didn’t know much about ADD and all these other disabilities that our children are now being afflicted with. And everywhere I turned, everyone was acting like this was a normal thing. Where was I when this was going on? I was not in the public school system so I guess I missed something—something huge.

So there you have it, my greatest passions, because I love children and I care about my community and my country.

Thanks for listening!


Our Lady of Victory, the Saga of an African American Catholic Community

Our Lady of VictoryI wrote about local history while growing up in a Catholic Community. My love of history and tradition propelled me into this forum. While serving on the school board, they tried to take away the music “Pomp and Circumstance” played at every high school graduation and I got visibly upset over it. Were these people for real? I felt like a stranger among strangers.

So, writing this book was no exception to who I am and what I stand for. It was a natural outgrowth of my community activism. Besides, no one else was going to do it. I didn’t understand at the time, that I was the chosen one.

Little did I know the “can of worms” I was about to unleash. But I needn’t have worried…no one was ready to challenge my findings. They just pretended like there was nothing to be concerned about. And so I wasn’t taken seriously, for the most part, with the exception of a few close friends. And then Nonnie Jules crossed my path and I joined Rave Reviews Book Club and excitement for my book and my message, was re-ignited.

I am a proud member of Rave Reviews Book Club—the place for Indie Authors!



This is an awesome trailer! Please take a look:

Book Trailer: http://youtu.be/aF3ZBZFn3AY

Five Star Review of Our Lady of Victory by Nonnie Jules “Seal of Approval”



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Comments on: "Meet the author: Shirley Harris-Slaughter" (17)

  1. “Ignorance is no longer bliss” – what a great way to put it! Thanks for sharing your passion for improving a dire situation.


  2. Congratulations Shirley on the re-launch of your book. Thank you Bette for hosting Shirley on her blog tour.


  3. Shirley Harris-Slaughter said:

    Bette I came over early but the blog wasn’t up so just getting back over here and was pleasantly surprised at the beautiful and colorful website you have. Thank you so much for having me. I appreciate you so much. lol


  4. Rhani D'Chae said:

    Very informative post, Shirley. And I liked te bit about the writing of your book. I haven’t started ‘Our Lady’ yet, but it’s next on my list after ‘Daydream’s daughter’. I’m really looking forward to it.


  5. Dear Bette, thank you for the post!
    Dear Shirley, the beginning and the end of the so called “American Dream” were caused by bad laws and dishonesty of our government. Banks were forced to give loan without proper investigation if people would be able to pay them back.


    • Shirley Harris-Slaughter said:

      JF you are right but I don’t believe banks were forced to give loans. They were in cahoots with the so-called regulators, wall street and politicians who looked the other way and everybody got paid under the table. The justice dept is going after them now and winning. Its about time. It never should have happened. Thank you for joining me here and adding your comments to this “hot topic.”


  6. harmonykentonline said:

    Hi Shirley! This is an interesting post, and gives food for thought! Bette, as ever, you have a wonderful blog, and it is great you are hosting Shirley today 🙂


  7. A most interesting woman. I wish I didn’t believe her, but sadly, I do. It isn’t the first time this kind of thing has happened in this country. It has happened before more than once. Each time, the situation resolved when new people came into office. I hope that cycle continues.


    • Shirley Harris-Slaughter said:

      Marilyn thank you for believing. A lot of people don’t or don’t want ot. We have to face reality. Lets hurry up and get some new people in. lol


  8. Way to go, Shirley!


  9. Hi, Bette. Congratulations on your book! 🙂


    • That was probably a confusing comment, lol. The congratulations was for you, Shirley.


      • Shirley Harris-Slaughter said:

        Dale don’t feel bad. I’m sorry I didn’t get over here when Bette’s blog went up. Thank you very much.


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