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We’ll celebrate A WHITE THANKSGIVING at The Farmstead in Central Maine.

Thanksgiving Eve 2014 at The Stevens's Farmstead in Central Maine.

Thanksgiving Eve 2014 at The Stevens’s Farmstead in Central Maine.

Wishing you a Safe & Happy Holiday! ~ Bette A. Stevens

Comments on: "HAPPY THANKSGIVING!" (10)

  1. Beautiful…We also got more than a foot and it snowed today on and off. Perfect ambiance for Thanksgiving.


  2. Happy TG to you and your family Bette! ❤


  3. Thank you Bette, same to you. The temp. dropped from 84 to 54 in just a few hours here in good old sunny Florida and tomorrow will be around 60ish so winter has arrived for us. The coats are coming out. It is cold out there tonight the heat will be used. :o) Happy Thanksgiving…..


  4. We had a white Thanksgiving last year too. This is becoming a trend! Have a good one, Bette. Wish we could share it!


    • SHARING WOULD BE PERFECT! I fear that eight inches of the white stuff came to stay and invite relatives… Oh, how I long for spring, but better settle in and get writing. Blessings to you and Gary and your family! ❤


  5. A beautiful scene. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. If you are traveling or have visitors traveling, I pray for safe travels.


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