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GREAT BOOK DEALS! ~ Bette A. Stevens


Pearseus by Nicholas C. Rossis


Read Tuesday is a Black Friday type of event just for book lovers on December 9. (Almost here! In fact, many of the books are already on sale.)

The first step toward finding amazing book deals is to browse the Read Tuesday catalog (see below).

Don’t worry: You won’t make purchases at Read Tuesday. You buy books at major retailers, like Amazon and Smashwords, as usual. Read Tuesday is just here to help readers (and gift givers) find good books at great prices, and to help authors and publishers find readers.

When browsing one of the Read Tuesday catalog pages, try pressing Ctrl + F. This works on Mozilla FireFox, for example, by opening a Find box in the bottom left corner of the screen, but when I try it on Internet Explorer, the Find box appears at the top, so it…

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Comments on: "Tip for Finding Read Tuesday Book Deals" (4)

  1. Beautiful Christmas card header!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Marilyn. I’m still trying to finish DBS. Computer crashed the day after Thanksgiving and am still restoring stuff (at least what I can). To top that off, our internet provider is changing email services any day now, so that should be fun… Hanging in there, but can hardly wait for some calm on the web so I can GET BACK TO THE REAL WORK! Sending along lots of love to you and Garry and Wishes for the Happiest of Holidays! ❤ Bette


  2. Thanks for reblogging this, Bette. I just love your photo. At this moment all our snow has melted and my Jack Frost Snowman decoration is looking at grass. Need a bit of snow for atmosphere!


    • Can’t believe READ TUESDAY is almost here! For us, snow is here to stay. Temps in 20s today and may slide to below zero tonight… Unusual (about a month early) even for Central Maine. We love the beautiful snow, it definitely gets us into the Christmas spirit. Wishing you a warm, white and wonderful holiday! p.s. I took the photo of our house during the last storm. Happened to get out there at just the right time. Have a great week, Barbara! 🙂


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