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Twain’s Wisdom

Travel the world—make a difference. Books and the internet help us do that too! ~ Bette A. Stevens

Comments on: "Twain’s Wisdom" (5)

  1. I agree with Mark Twain, “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow-mindedness.”


  2. Fia Essen said:

    Hello Bette!

    How lovely of you to share my post on your blog 🙂 You have absolutely made my morning.

    Stay Groovy now my scribblin’ friend.



    • Hi, my scribblin’ friend. I was delighted not only to find your wonderful post, but to share it. It reminded me of my own traveling. Sometimes to chat with a neighbor or visit friends and relatives or spend a day with my students. Other times to foreign lands (limited to Canada and Mexico for me), or treks cross-county for business or pleasure. Meeting new people and discovering how similar we are, despite our cultural differences. Then, of course, there are the books, where my adventures have been eye-opening. Last, but not least, the web where I now travel on a regular basis and have the pleasure and privilege of discovering people, places and ideas that continue to enrich my life. Twain not only traveled, he took us along for an eye-opening ride. Thanks for sharing. Have a groovy time on your travels, my friend! ❤


      • Fia Essen said:

        Good Morning Bette! (Once again, it’s morning here in Crete) Growing up, reading was my favourite way to travel. I visited faraway magical lands, got lost in adventure on the high seas, and trekked through mythical forests. Now I do the same on the internet. And I meet fantastic people. People like you, Bette, who make my day brighter and warmer even in the middle of winter. Thank you for being you, Bette!

        HUGS – Fia


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