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Award-winning picture book gets another ★★★★★

Comments on: "Amazing Matilda by Bette Stevens Review" (5)

  1. Pam did a great job with her review. Hope you’re keeping warm.

  2. Did my research on a very large moth and got to watch this magic on a daily basis. This should be really interesting to young readers (or being read tos).

    • We raised monarch butterflies in our fourth grade classroom one year, when one of my Mom’s was kind enough to deliver them as a gift. It was amazing! You know all about it, Noelle. Here at home, I visit local classrooms who raise Viceroys (Monarch look-alikes) each year. I go in to read Amazing Matilda and the kids get a chance to teach/tell me all they’ve learned about butterflies. Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit! 🙂

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