A writer inspired by nature and human nature

Afternoon Portrait HAIKU bas 2015


Poem, photography & design by Bette A. Stevens,
a writer inspired by nature and human nature.

Comments on: "AFTERNOON PORTRAIT, Haiku by Bette A. Stevens" (11)

  1. Incredibly beautiful! Looks like our property. Those of us experiencing this winter can appreciate the hidden specter behind the beauty.


  2. Lovely! ❤ No snow here but very cold, and I can see those trees and shadows from where I'm sitting 😀


    • I love the winter shadows when the sun is low and the shadows are long. ❤ The beauty of nature never ceases to amaze, no matter the season. Cold and cloudy here today… we'll just keep thinking SPRING! Thanks for your encouraging words and for stopping by for a chat–It's always a pleasure. Have a wonderful day, Jan.


  3. Bette, that is gorgeous – the Haiku, the photo, and the presentation!


  4. How beautiful, Bette! Aren’t nature poems just the best?


  5. Gorgeous, Bette!


    • Thank you, Noelle. Hope you’re enjoying a fantastic week… We reached above the freeze mark today for the first time in two months. It was glorious! 🙂


      • It was 75 here today – I sat outside in short sleeves! Tomorrow it’s back into the 40s with a possibility of snow and ice. Go figure!


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