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Latest review for AMAZING MATILDA, our inspiring monarch butterfly. THREE CHEERS for MATILDA! ~ Bette A. Stevens


By Bette A. Stevens

Amazing MatildaMatilda has just emerged from her egg, and already she wants to fly.  The sparrow tells her she has to have patience and follow her instincts. The speckled toad says she needs wings. But Matilda doesn’t know what patience and follow her instincts means. Moreover, where can she get wings? Matilda eats leaves and starts growing, and the sparrow says she is using her instincts. Rabbit told her he practiced and practiced until he could hop onto the rock ledge, but Matilda did not want to hop, she wanted to fly.

This delightful story tells the life cycle of a monarch butterfly in an engaging way that will catch the attention of children.  The award winning AMAZING MATILDA is a lighthearted story that will encourage children to follow their dreams and to have patience. The book is illustrated by author Bette Stevens with charming drawings that…

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Comments on: "Amazing Matilda" (6)

  1. Bette: Since I did research on caterpillars for years, I really like them – fun to watch and man, do they eat!


    • How awesome, Noelle. I did lots of research while writing AMAZING MATILDA and continue to keep up with the plight of the Monarch. We raised butterflies in the classroom when I was teaching fourth grade a number of years ago…what a fascinating up-close-and-personal experience for us. We always have a few Monarchs here at the farmstead each summer. Three years ago we had more than a hundred. To me, there is nothing more breathtaking than watching these delicate creatures with stained-glass-like wings. Let’s keep soaring high, my friend! ❤


  2. Ahh, Spring! Loved Amazing Matilda!


    • Hi, Barbara. Spring is on its way…just taking its time to get to Central Maine. Thanks for your lovely comment. I’ll pass it along to my butterfly. Have an amazing week! ❤


  3. Love butterfly stories – one of my kids favorites was The Very Hungry Caterpillar.


    • Hi, Noelle. I’ve loved butterflies since childhood. To me they represent the very essence of our own lives, no matter what stage of development we’re in at the time. Blessings to you and yours! ❤


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