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Velveteen Faces HAIKU bas 2015I’m planning to write a poem each week during National Poetry month. Here’s my latest, a haiku inspired by a photo from last year’s spring garden since snow is still in mid-melt stage here in Central Maine. Ah, spring!

What are you writing this month?

~ Bette A. Stevens, Maine author/illustrator


Comments on: "April is National Poetry Month: What are you writing?" (19)

  1. I didn’t know April was Poetry Month! Thanks for sharing at Booknificent Thursday on Mommynificent.com!


  2. Thank you, Michelle. I just can’t wait for the posies to start poking their little heads up. Bare spots are beginning to appear around the trees. Yay! Have a great week! ❤


  3. Oh, I love your Haiku. Lovely words for spring.


  4. I LOVE your header drawing. It’s lovely.

    I am no kind of poet, so I will be happy to enjoy the work of others.


    • So glad you stopped by, Marilyn. Thanks for the thumbs-up. Beginning to see spots of bare ground up here and can’t wait for all of the snow to disappear. Hope you’re enjoying a bright spring day! ❤


      • It’s sleeting with intermittent hail. But we have a few crocuses. Brave little flowers! Still too cold and muddy to plant anything.


      • Just adore those brave little beauties! Expecting more snow tonight, but it should melt pretty quickly. Dan’s got every window sill in the place filled with seedings he started several weeks ago. I love the rewards of fresh veggies, but dread the thought of keeping the weeds at bay. Doubt we’ll be able to put anything out before June. I should get a box or two of annuals (posies) planted inside this week… Plenty of seeds, but don’t want to think of the weeds. Maybe I’ll just grow them in containers this year; or maybe I’ll just be content with my lovely, but neglected by me, perennials. Our weed gardens weren’t too bad last year! ❤


  5. Our snow is finally gone…waiting for the first crocuses to pop their heads up!


    • Slow melt here as brown patches appear around the trees and gardens. Flurries disappear as quickly as they appear this week. Can’t wait for our ‘little darlings’ to poke their heads out either! Have a great week, Barbara! 🙂


  6. Lovely Bette!


  7. yeoldefoole said:

    hmmm… I should try this – maybe next year…


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