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I love making art and kids do too! ~ Bette A. Stevens, author/illustrator of AMAZING MATILDA, A Monarch’s Tale



Happy drawing!

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Comments on: "Tutorial: Tips on drawing a butterfly" (8)

  1. Anyone who draws butterflies is #1 in my book. And she makes it look so easy!

  2. We planted our butterfly milkweed yesterday. Finally. I hope it takes. Not so easy to find anyplace with actually dirt. Our yard is rocks and roots.

    • Rocks and roots…sounds like home. Oh, and weeds! The dandelions are gloriously golden in the field and gardens. Our milkweed is just popping up and I hope we have monarchs this year. I’m starting some nasturtiums this week to help lure the imagos. We’ll see. We desperately need some rain. Have had a few showers, but Dan says the ground was bone-dry a foot down when he transplanted a few blueberry bushes yesterday. Fruit trees are in bloom and tulips too. Yay, spring! ❤

  3. Bette, I love your book and this like a gift to both children and adults. Thanks so much. It seems like a great project for adults with psychiatric problems, of course, those who are able to follow directions to learn about the Monarch, others will color them with any color. Still a great project to develop concentration, and fine motor coordination.

    • I already wrote to Val Webb’s website about the info; thanks so much for the idea!!!

    • Hi, Maria. Thrilled that you love the book and delighted that you enjoyed the post. I think you’re right on-target with the all-ages idea for the drawing project. In fact, I think I’ll use it with the schools I visit and contact local nursing homes as well. Thanks so much. You’re awesome, my friend! ❤

  4. Fantastic! Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ

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