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The “Rave Reviews Book Club SPOTLIGHT” is a great place to meet new authors and discover great new books. Today, the SPOTLIGHT is shining on Tim Hemlin, author of “The Wastelanders.” ~ Bette A. Stevens, 4writersandreaders.

The New

wastelander-cover-1 2We thrive when the creative spirit pulses through our mind, body and soul and the new suddenly springs to life. And I fully admit that’s me. I love writing first drafts. If I had my way I’d only write first drafts for the rest of my life and they’d magically edit and revise themselves. When I first wrote The Wastelanders it took on a life of its own, surprising me at many turns. The Poet Theodore Roethke wrote, “Those who are willing to be vulnerable move among mysteries.” This is what I thought of when slowly I developed my little Time Witch in The Wastelanders. Si-Ting has prescient powers and discovers she can “bend time.” Think of the cat in the Matrix. Neo sees it then sees it again and comments he’s had a déjà vu. Instead it’s a glitch. Time has changed. Si-Ting can make changes, though they must be immediate and she is limited to the shadow of the present. It makes her strong, yet it also makes her vulnerable, open to danger. It is a powerful tool for good. Or evil, should this knowledge fall into the wrong hands. I’d not originally planned this for Si-Ting. But I allowed her to grow as the story unfolded, and she showed me the power she had. That’s what the new does for me. This is why I find the new delightful.

Author Bio:

TimHemlinAuthorTim Hemlin is a marathoner, teacher, and has his master’s degree in counseling, but his passion for the environment  sparked him to write The Wastelanders, a dystopian-clifi published in both e-book and paperback by Reputation Books. He is represented by Kimberley Cameron of Kimberley Cameron & Associates Literary Agency.  Hemlin has also published a Wastelanders short story called ‘Black Silence’ as a bridge between the first book and its sequel. He is currently in the notes and brainstorming stage for the Wastelanders sequel Recently the Muse has kindly allowed TIm to tap into that creative magic and pen a young adult urban fantasy. If all goes well with the edits and revision, the final draft should be completed by early summer.  Finally, in the late 90s Ballantine published the Neil Marshall series of culinary mysteries set in Houston, Texas. These include If Wishes Were Horses, A Whisper of Rage (nominated for a Shamus Award), People in Glass Houses, A Catered Christmas (the one I most enjoyed writing), and Dead Man’s Broth. He has recently gotten the reversion rights and is planning on reissuing them under an elite publishing house out of New Orleans.

Hemingway liked running with the bulls. Tim enjoys running with dragons (that’s what he calls his grandkids).

Where to find author Tim Hemlin?

“The Wastelanders” by Tim Hemlin

Comments to Tim’s post are most welcomed and appreciated. Happy writing and reading, friends! ~ Bette A. Stevens, 4writersandreaders. (Member of Rave Reviews Book Club)

Comments on: "IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Author Tim Hemlin" (28)

  1. Tim is a great author, so it’s wonderful finding out more about him. But his favorite pastime is writing first drafts – what’s with that?? I find them so hard to do, compared to editing 😀


  2. Thanks Bette, for hosting this great writer on your site. Tim, your book sounds like one I’d enjoy reading and I’ll check it out for sure. I love writing first drafts too. We both need to put our first drafts by the door and hope a bunch of little elves will come in and edit like the fabled Shoemaker story. 🙂


  3. I’ve read the Wastelanders and all of the Neil Marshal mysteries. Tim is a gifted writer with a real talent for a variety of audiences. I loved the Wastelanders, It’s an interesting take on our future with the water issues faced by some of our states.


  4. Great post, Tim – looks like we’re all on board with your idea of first draft writing! Thank you for hosting Tim on your lovely website, Bette!!


  5. Oh…if only…one draft. LOL Great interview. Thanks, Bette.


  6. Nice post, Tim. I love the idea of a first draft that edits and revises itself!


  7. Congrats again Tim. I too would like to write first drafts and then never have to face reality again.. Life would be great. Thanks Bette for hosting.


  8. harmonykentonline said:

    Congratulations, Tim, on being RRBC Spotlight Author! I’m with you on the free-flowing and allowing your characters to grow themselves. I loved Wastelanders, and can’t wait to read the next books in the series. Best of luck with all your writing endeavours 🙂

    Bette, thanks for hosting Tim today, and for always being a lovely host 🙂


    • Always a pleasure to host our wonderful RaveReviewsBookClub friends. Thanks so much for joining us, Harmony! 🙂


    • Hi Harmony! Thanks, I’m really enjoying this spotlight! Glad you stopped by and for your kind words about The Wastelanders. The sequel is taking some interesting turns…


  9. Sounds like an interesting read Bette! Thanks for posting~


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