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Blossoms are singing here at The Farmstead in Central Maine. Yes, the wonders abound. Wishing you all a week filled with wonders too! ~ Bette A. Stevens

P.S. Happy reading, my friends!

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Comments on: "Greetings from The Farmstead" (17)

  1. Beautiful Bette!


  2. We are in the same boat, Bette. Had lots of heat and humidity last week, now we are experiencing three days of rain and temps in the 50’s.


    • More spring magic after the rains… Can’t wait. The Iris (one of my faves) are out in full regale. Will cut bouquets later this week. ENJOY A MAGICAL WEEK! ❤


  3. After all that snow, spring must seem like a special gift. Glad it’s finally come your way. Have a wonderful week. Hugs.


  4. I think New England likes to tease with it’s exquisite seasons, each so lovely but so short–except for winter whose beauty wanes after months of blizzards and deep snow.. Yet it makes the spring, summer and fall more prescious for its brevity.

    Staten Island is not much to look at any time of year due to overcrowding and traffic.



    • You’re so right, Micki. Winters create wonderlands that last seem to last too long. We moved to Maine from upstate NY in 1974 to get away from the madding crowds. Then back to the madness in CA and VA for ten years. Now we complain about the traffic if there are half a dozen cars at a four-way stop sign. Thanks for jogging my memory! Summers here are glorious and even with the tourist traffic, we know all the byways and get to enjoy nature at its best even if we stick to home. Love to you and yours! ❤


  5. Summer has spring here, Bette – hot and humid, swimming, corn and peaches!


  6. Quite lovely Bette!


    • Thank you, Cindy. Our season is short but sensational! Very different than California where we spent seven years, yet the wonders and beauty of nature abound around the world as your wonderful photography attests to, my friend. Have a blessed week! 🙂


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