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Hi Indie-author Friends,

It’s INDIE RECON—JULY 1st and you’re invited.

Read all about to find out how to take part, mark your calendars and let’s get ready to GO GLOBAL.

See you there!

Bette A. Stevens, Maine author/illustrator

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  1. Thanks my dear friend for sharing this!! Big day tomorrow for promo of Dog Bone Soup!! I’m going to now to add it to my Event/Promo page! XO

    Catherine 🙂

  2. What a winter. Yours was even worse than ours… YIKES! If only it had tackled some of those darned weeds. Don’t think our gardens will ever look like they used to, but I’ll just have to be thankful that even some of those weeds are lovely. Daisies, morning glories and Indian paint brush were all smiling at me today. And, oh yes, that Bouncing Bet that I’ve tried to get rid of for years is thriving. 🙂

  3. I think I can come up with something. I’ll have to give it some thought, but I’ll do my best for the cause 🙂

    • Thanks, my awesome friend! Hope you’re enjoying a fabulous vacation. Weather here has been great except for a few rainy days. Keep me posted. <3

      • We cancelled our vacation because Garry can’t walk well and there’s nothing to do up there if we can’t walk. Also, he’s in no condition to do that 8 hour each way drive. We’ll try to vacate at home this year.

      • What a bummer… Just enjoy each day together and hopefully you can discover some great getaway spots not too far from home. We took a day and drove to the coast last month. It was refreshing just to get out of town. Thoughts and prayers are with you both. Dan recovering from vascular surgery and I’m next useless with my back problems when it comes to heavy stuff, although I have been trying to spruce up the gardens a little at a time. Everything else will just have to wait… Hoping to get to Lakewood to take in a play or two and maybe another day trip to the coast. Sending hugs! <3

      • We have had to revise our optimistic vacation plans. Admitting we weren’t up to the trip was better than doing it anyway, then winding up sick and exhausted.

        My son did a little work on the garden so it doesn’t look at bad as last year … but the winter killed a lot of stuff, so we have fewer flowers. A LOT fewer.

  4. […] Mark This Date! Indie Author Pride Day July 1st 2015 On Social Media!. […]

  5. I hope I can make it, thanks Bette!

    • Hi, Maria. I’m going to take a pic of me and my books and set up a blog post, schedule it for JULY 1st and share on my sites throughout the day with hashtag #IndieBooksBeSeen. Let’s rock the readers! <3 Bette

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