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Lyon Book Promotions Presents Our Hot Book Picks for August 2015.

Click the link above to FIND OUT ALL ABOUT THEM…
DOG BONE SOUP by Bette A. Stevens is on the list!


Comments on: "Lyon Book Promotions Presents Our Hot Book Picks for August 2015" (11)

  1. Congratulations Bette!
    All the best.


  2. Cindy Harris said:

    Congratulations Bette!


  3. I’m so happy for you!! You deserve all the best.


    • Thank you, Marilyn. Can’t believe the summer almost gone. I’m working on getting the garden goods in and Dan is tackling the fire wood. Our grandson in Florida is planning to visit in September and I can hardly wait. He’ll be 29 on Saturday and our darling great-grand Olivia will be two in November. Hope you and Garry are feeling better and enjoying the summer too! Hugs, Bette


  4. Perfect. I am so enjoying Dog Bone soup and I’m glad others recognize it as terrific as well.


  5. Loved DOG BONE SOUP! Fabulous story!


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