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REVIEW EXCERPT by N.A. Granger, author of The Rhe-Brewster Mysteries as well: Dog Bone Soup is a gem of a book, fast paced, entertaining, and moving. I loved it and devoured it in two sittings (I had to stop to eat!). Bette Stevens is a talented storyteller and I hope we will have another book from her soon.

Five stars!


Dog Bone SoupI grew up in New England the 1950s and ‘60s, and Bette Stevens has written a coming of age novel about a life I wouldn’t recognize. Call me lucky. Shawn Daniels, the oldest of several children, lives in poverty. His father is the town drunk and beats his mother, who struggles to keep the family together in an unfinished, tar papered house with no indoor plumbing, running water, and heat. They have a TV but that’s for the enjoyment of Dad. Shawn and his brother Willie do all his chores: cutting and stacking firewood, hauling water into the house, and helping mind their two younger sisters. Despite the curtailment of a real childhood, the brothers still find a way to have adventures in small pockets of time, fishing for one, with a home-made pole and a safety pin for a hook. Dog bone soup, made from the marrow in left…

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Comments on: "Book Review: Dog Bone Soup by Bette Stevens" (12)

  1. Dog Bone Soup is one of my favorite books!

  2. Wonderful book deserving of unlimited stars!

  3. Lovely review. I guess I’ll have to read it again 🙂 I hope there’s another on the way!

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