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As Bloggers, we must be aware of the vast competition that is out there from New to well-established Blogs. Self-publishing authors face this as well, everyone wants to get noticed in hopes of walking to the bank one day and or the hopes of that 15-minute slot on a talk show. Perhaps have a following of 10k plus. What can we do to better promote our Blogs?

When it comes to self-promoting your Blog, there are no secrets a fast Google search and there will be many articles on the subject. Here are some important guidelines to adhere to.

  1. Content should be top notched: I know you heard it before and probably more than you like, Yet, this is a crucial aspect pertaining to Blogs that climb the latter and those that fall off. Delivering solid content that your readers want to come back for.
  2. Post Regularly: I have read…

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Comments on: "How To Promote Your Blog!" (9)

  1. Thanks, Catherine! Have a wonderful week, dear friend. 🙂 ❤


  2. Catherine Townsend-Lyon, Author & Columnist said:

    Hello Bette,

    Hope all is well and blessed your way and you are enjoying the Fall season! Just sharing that I included you int this: https://anauthorandwriterinprogress.wordpress.com/2016/11/15/lets-have-some-fun-readers-with-maria-and-her-eternamenta-blog-awards-for-most-talented-reader/ since you are an avid reader like ME!!

    Hugs & Love,


  3. Great tips on blogging. I never seem to know what to blog, get a lot of hits, but few comments. (Whisper. . . I really don’t like to blog)


    • You’re doing a great job… Have found some great articles by YOU and continue to share. Thanks for all of your support, Micki. You’re an awesome author and dear friend. Lucky me! Hugs…


  4. I’m proud to say I’m doing EVERYTHING wrong and plan to continue doing it wrong. If I had more traffic, I would have no time to sleep or eat or have a conversation. Phew.


    • Dear Marilyn,

      I’m a big fan of yours and honored to be named, not only among your fans, but friends.

      Lucky me!

      You’re one amazing gal; keep doing what you’re doing…it works.

      Butterfly hugs,


  5. imcc2015 said:

    Great tips on how to promote your blog. Thanks for sharing. Had to chuckle, though, reading under guideline one: ” …. Blogs that climb the latter and those that fall off.”


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