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  1. A beautiful expression of a true thing! Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks, Noelle. Truth! p.s. I’ve just finished reading DEATH in a DACRON SAIL and loved it. Rhe Brewster is a true-grit gal. Guessing that you are too! Hugs… <3

      • So glad you liked it! Shoot me a review on Amazon if you have time. I am working on the beta readers edits of the third book – it will be out in April I think and I’m planning a tour of all the Sherman’s stores for this summer.

        To: Noelle
        From Bette: A summer tour sounds awesome, Noelle! I’ve already posted a review on Amazon and will bounce over to Goodreads and post it there as well tonight. How about a feature on my blog soon? xoxoxo

  2. Great quotes! Something to think about.

  3. I read Buscaglia years ago. Such simple, wonderful, profound advice.

  4. Wonderful! x

  5. So important!

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