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Comments on: "6 Tips to Encourage Your Child to Read" (9)

  1. Great post! I always loved it when my mom found the time to read to me before going to sleep:) She did a funny thing though: when she noticed that I was drifting off but wouldn´t let her stop, she started changing the story she was just reading and that I already knew by heart. So when I finally noticed the difference I was wide awake again, protested, and then fell happily back to sleep;)

    • Thanks for the visit, Miss G. I enjoyed your ‘mom reads to me’ story. My two daughters would hop into bed with me (mom) most every night and take turns reading our favorite fairy tales and nursery rhymes before they were off to their room for sweet dreams. Happy reading and blogging and thanks for the follow. 🙂

      • And thank you for your visit and follow also Bette!!! I still am bookworm and can´t get enough of them – I´m sure thanks to my mom:) What a beautiful picture you created in my head of your girls eager for their time with you!:) I´ll be looking forward to your nexts posts! Have a lovely week, Sarah:)

  2. My granddaughter learned to read while I read to her. One day, she just took the book and said she’d like to read to me. And she did. It was a great moment.

  3. Nice post thanks!!

  4. Thanks for reblogging my blog post “Six tips to Encourage Your Child to Read”.

    • A pleasure to share your inspiring post, Dayne. Thank you! 🙂

    • Hi Dayne
      I am restructuring my children’s web site The Elf and Toadstool. Would you mind if I linked to you and also made your article a post or section on that site?

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