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Mark Aberdeen is the author of Knight and Dex (The Dex Territory Series). On today’s Rave Reviews Book Club “Spotlight Author” tour stop at 4writersandreaders.com , we’ll not only have the pleasure of meeting the author, we’ll get a peek inside Book 2 of the series. Welcome Mark, it’s great to have you with us today—I can’t wait to find out more about the authors you wish you could be. ~ Bette A. Stevens

Authors I Wish I Could Be

By Mark Aberdeen

Mark Aberdeen, author of KNIGHT AND DEX

Mark Aberdeen, author of KNIGHT AND DEX Territory (Superheroes/Detective) Series

Over the years and the course of many books consisting of many words of fantastic, interesting characters I’ve found a few stories that have really stuck with me. As a kid I gravitated pretty quickly to science fiction and fantasy. It was mostly due to my dad who was an avid reader and introduced me to the likes of Isaac Asimov, Victor Appleton’s Tom Swift series, Edgar Allan Poe, The Hardy Boys, Edgar Rice Burroughs both John Carter and Tarzan, I read the Time Machine, 20,000 Leagues under the Sea and the rest of the works of H.G. Wells. Later on my attention would turn to Robert. E Howard, Robert Heinlein, Philip K. Dick. These books as well as TV shows like Star Trek, Battlestar Galactica, every 70’s and 80’s Saturday morning cartoon, a host of comic books and movies like Star Wars, Logan’s Run we’re all consumed with the voracious mind of a young boy and teenager. This set the foundation of my love of reading and writing. I wanted to create worlds like these. I wanted daring characters, dire situations and places that not only dove into the unimaginable but where six impossible things were done before breakfast.

As an adult I found my way over to new authors and some of them are so good that one can help but have physical reaction to it. For instance, when I read American Gods by Neil Gaiman it changed my world. Here was not just a book, but a piece of literature that was either something loved, or hated, but had a prose so beautiful it was painful. I would go on to read Stardust, Neverwhere and Sandman and everything Gaiman put to paper.

Stephen King is a grandmaster. While he has a difficult time sticking an ending, his use of description is unequalled. He can create paintings in my mind with just a few words. The man absolutely objects to adverbs of any kind. When a writer kill adverbs, it forces the author to use description. It’s the difference between a good writer and a great writer.

J.K. Rawling created a world like no other in her Harry Potter series. Here is world building at its finest. Even as fantastic and magical as her world is; it has rules. When those rules are broken there are consequences. She also filled her world with characters that one can’t help but love, or despise and she even created a character in Severus Snape was so utterly tragic that once his secret was revealed one couldn’t look at him the same way again. It was so elegant.

One hundred years from now when a future English literature class talks about books from this era; Gaiman, King and Rowling are the three who are going to be remembered. I’d love to see if this prediction holds true. I wonder if I combined their styles, would I be able to create a world that would have that answer?

Knight and Dex by Mark Aberdeen


Knight&DexEbookSnow settled over New London and covered the alley with a chilly blanket, which normally gave me a moment’s pause to reflect. I might have thought about tranquility, but there was nothing tranquil in the roundhouse kick I took to the face. Steam rose from crimson splatter as my blood hit the freshly fallen snow.

Minx’s claws flashed. I jumped back and narrowly avoided being torn open at the belly.

It was difficult to wax poetic while someone was doing their best to kill me.

Welcome to my life.

I swung my left fist. My intention wasn’t to connect with Minx’s jaw but to buy a precious second. The parry worked well enough and gave me the moment I needed to draw the pulse pistol from under my coat. I bellowed a triumphant, “Ha!”

My moment of glory was short-lived. Another kick connected with my right hand. The blow jarred the weapon loose and it sailed into a snow bank. Powdery snow swallowed it whole. The thing about being unarmed, it felt a bit like being naked in a crowd. No way to cover my ass.

I gripped my stinging hand. “Shit.”

A powerful arm, furry and itchy and stiff as a crowbar, hooked me around the neck. Minx had gotten behind me, and the momentum of her attack tore my feet from the ground. I cartwheeled, forcing her to detach and spring back, but I landed face-down in a heap. The snow with all its apparent fluffiness did nothing to cushion my fall. The impact rattled my bones and lights danced across my vision, swirling in loopy rings.

All I needed was another concussion.

Strong hands grabbed me by the collar and belt. My stomach lurched as I was torn from the relative comfort of the ground and flipped onto my back like a flapjack. Minx pounced on top of me and pinned my arms to my sides with her powerful thighs. Normally, I approved of such positions, but she wasn’t Pink Panther and this wasn’t foreplay. I feared she would crunch me like a walnut in a nutcracker. I gasped for precious air.

To any observer it would appear as if I were unprepared for this fight. That observer would have been correct. I’d seen her running down the sidewalk and duck into this alley. She was up to something and I’d interrupted her. Evidence suggested it was something she didn’t want the cops to know about. While my intent was to have a friendly chat with her, she’d decided to take our exchange in a different direction.

Minx had a reputation in underworld circles as an effective messenger. Our not-so-cozy encounter fell within the realm of her typical delivery method. While I didn’t feel like she took sadistic glee in her work, I thought she took pride in a job well done. I, on the other hand, found the work environment hostile, and already I was drawing up a complaint to her HR department.

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Readers, thanks for joining Mark’s Rave Reviews Book Club AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT TOUR today. Mark and I would love to hear from you (comments below): and if you enjoyed the post, I invite you to share it with your friends. ~ Bette A. Stevens

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Comments on: "The #RRBC “Spotlight” shines on author Mark Aberdeen" (23)

  1. Very vivid writing on the excerpt. Well done.

    I well know the feeling of holding a book I love in my hands and wanting to recreate something so vivid, so meaningful.

    Thanks so much for sharing, Mark and Bette!


  2. Excellent post, Mark. Best wishes on the rest of your tour!

    Bette, thanks for hosting. Your support is amazing.


  3. Shirley Harris-Slaughter said:

    Mark your story is a perfect example of how experiences and events shape us into who we are today. I loved to read mostly romance. Most girls did. Boys always loved adventure, sci-fi and action books and movies. Its nice that you are sharing your experiences with us. Nice tour. Bette you have a lovely blog.


  4. Gwen Plano said:

    Mark, your Tour has been fascinating. Thank you for hosting, Bette.


  5. Combining the styles of the great writers would probably have the same effect as putting all the “perfect” facial attributes onto a single person. I read an article about this once. The combined “perfections” did not produce a beautiful face. It was those slightly imperfect qualities that made a person be considered beautiful.


  6. Fascinating to read who your writing mentors are! Great tour, Mark! Every day has been a gem!
    Thank you for hosting, Bette!


    • Mark Aberdeen said:

      Thank you so much for saying that. I had a lot going on this week and it’s been these bloggers and the interactions with all of you that have been the treat. I’ve made new friends and have no loss in new reading material. 🙂


  7. beckyreilly2013 said:

    Reblogged this on Rebecca Reilly – Author.


  8. Thanks so much for sharing, Mark!

    Bette, you’re always such a lovely host. 🙂


  9. I hope you are around in 100 years to see if your prediction comes true. Thanks for hosting Bette.


  10. One has to admire King of course (I don’t read everything of his but always enjoy the ones I do) and I love JK and adore Neil Gaiman – he’s just so classy while being utterly eccentric 😀 Lovely stuff Mark and well-hosted as always Bette! 😉


    • Mark Aberdeen said:

      The real treat with Neil Gaiman is to grab one of his audio books, one where he’s the reader. It’s an amazing experience. Like liquid silk rolling through your ears and polishing your brain. It’s exquisite.


  11. Bette, thank you for introducing us to Mark; I always enjoy reading the background stories of writers and their influences. Mark’s was like a trip back to my childhood reading and television! 😀


    • Thanks so much for stopping by for a chat, Annika. I’m having fun getting to know Mark better and am impressed with his writing (excerpt) too. Enjoy your day, my friend! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Mark Aberdeen said:

      So much of my interests were a result of my Dad. I wanted to be like him so much. He eas a voracious reader. I definitely inherited that from him. Myfirst book is dedicated to him. I wish he could have read it. I think he would have liked it.


      • Thanks so much for sharing more about you as a writer, a reader and a son. It’s an honor to host you on the blog–I’ve enjoyed reading your excerpts from KNIGHT AND DEX and learning more about you and your writing along your #RRBC Spotlight Tour!


      • Mark Aberdeen said:

        Sorry for the typos. Attempting to respond while going through airport security is tricky.


  12. This post is a delight to read. Thank you both.


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