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Comments on: "1131. The rose is without an explanation; she blooms because she blooms. ~Angelus Silesius" (14)

  1. “I wish the sky would rain down roses”… Beautiful Imagery! – Cezane

  2. Lovely thoughts on roses, Bette. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  3. Another beautiful post from Natalie that was to good not to be shared. So glad to stopped to enjoy it I do love roses and Natalie’s are spectacular. Sounds like your garden is too! <3

  4. This is a beautiful post. We have a lot of knockout roses in the front yard and in the back by the patio. In the front, we have edged the knockouts with drift roses. When they bloom they are spectacular.

  5. Thanks for this, Bette. My husband is busy planting knockout roses this year!

    • Sounds awesome, Noelle. We’re transplanting about 50 shoots from our old-fashion yellows out along the back field. I so love roses. Have a glorious day! <3

  6. Thanks for the reblog, Bette! 🙂 <3

  7. Yes, I love the beauty of Natalie’s posts.

  8. Beautiful poetry and poems. It is rose season, isn’t it?.

    • It’s rose season in Texas and these are from Natalie Scarberry’s garden. Our roses won’t be in bloom until late May or June here in Central Maine, but our daffodils are exquisite right now. Natalie’s blog, Sacred Touches, is one of my favorites. She always gifts us with bountiful beauty. Thanks so much for stopping by, Diana! <3

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