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IMG_4052May is NATIONAL GET CAUGHT READING MONTH—perfect time to discover and share why reading aloud with kids of all ages is so important! ~ Bette A. Stevens, Maine author/illustrator http://www.4writersandreaders.com

Michelle Eastman Books

I posted this piece a while back…

With my son’s 4th grade year coming to an end, I find this information more timely than ever.


I love picture books, and I often write about them.  In my post, Top 10 Reasons Picture Books Rock, I touch upon the importance of continuing to read aloud to your child even AFTER he/she is able to read independently. Please note that although children may be ready for early readers and chapter books, I implore parents to continue reading picture books with/to your children. There is no better way to connect at the end of a hectic day than to get lost in a picture book together. This ritual is one you can continue well into their teen years (yes, really, I promise). A child should not be denied this sacred time with you, just because he has “grown up”. Reading and/or…

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Comments on: "Reading to Big Kids..Don’t Stop, Be Readin’…Hold on to that Feelin’" (8)

  1. […] via Reading to Big Kids..Don’t Stop, Be Readin’…Hold on to that Feelin’ — Bette A. Stevens, M… […]


  2. Bette — Thanks for sharing – I’m putting on FB with a photo challenge!


  3. sandrabennettchildren's author said:

    Thanks for this great article Bette, I have shared it to my Facebook group Raising Awesome Readers. 🙂


  4. ABSOLUTELY, find fun interesting books, turn it into a great adventure.


  5. This is so true. My grand kids and I often discuss books I read long ago that they are now reading. My time was no their times so they learn from my additional thoughts and I learn from their observations and connections. There is no such thing as a too old book.


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