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And if you live anywhere like I do where it’s insanely hot right now help keep those who have to be outside hydrated. In our area the temps will be at 109 degrees Fahrenheit and higher for days and days. Also if you can find a group who takes fans to those who have no AC, please donate one. You might check with your local fire departments. When my husband worked for our fire department, they took fans to folks all summer. And while I’m on a kind of soap box, please thank our firefighters, police officers, and first responders when you can because they put themselves on a line of defense and protection for us every day, and some of them may not return home afterwards. Thanks!

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  2. These terrible heat spells are showing up in places that are not normally so hot. It makes it even harder for everyone.


    • It sure has been, Marilyn. And there are so many around us who need caring neighbors. We’ve had a beautiful week here, but a change tor the horrid heat and humidity is on its way. My sister is coming for a visit from TX on August 5 and I can’t wait. It’s been 16 years since we’ve seen one another. I’m planning to take ‘time off’ from blogging, writing etc. for at least the month of August. Hugs and love to you and Gary! ❤ xoxo


  3. That’s a beautiful quote from Mother Teresa. If we each do one act on kindness a day, that will create a bounty of helping. Lovely post, Bette.

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    • Sharing… love is what it’s all about and as you say, Diana, one act of kindness from each of us a day will change all of our lives for the better. ❤ Blessings and love… xo

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  4. Lovely, Bette! ♥

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  5. Beautiful thought. Thanks for sharing Bette.


  6. What an amazing quote! It helps overcome that dreadful sense of helplessness when staring at the News every night. Thank you for sharing, Bette:)


  7. I love that quote from Mother Teresa. Of course we can’t feed everyone, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do anything, right? We can help those whom God puts in our paths and when we all do that, just think how many people will be blessed, including ourselves. Blessings to you, dear Bette! xo

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