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SHARE THE LOVE OF READING Bette Reading with Sam 2017May is NATIONAL GET CAUGHT READING MONTH—perfect time to discover and share why reading aloud with kids of all ages is so important. Happy Reading with the kids in your life (family, neighborhood, local schools, library) every day! ~Bette A. Stevens, Maine author/illustrator

“You’re never too old,

 too wacky, to wild

 to pick up a book

 and read to a child.” 

 ~Dr. Seuss

Benefits of Reading with Kids of All Ages


“The Hidden Benefits of Reading Aloud—Even for Older Kids” 

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Michelle Eastman Books

I posted this piece a while back…

With my son’s 4th grade year coming to an end, I find this information more timely than ever.



I love picture books, and I often write about them.  In my post, Top 10 Reasons Picture Books Rock, I touch upon the importance of continuing to read aloud to your child even AFTER he/she is able to read independently. Please note that although children may be ready for early readers and chapter books, I implore parents to continue reading picture books with/to your children. There is no better way to connect at the end of a hectic day than to get lost in a picture book together. This ritual is one you can continue well into their teen years (yes, really, I promise). A child should not be denied this sacred time with you, just because he has “grown up”. Reading…

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Comments on: "May is National Get Caught Reading Month— “…pick up a book and read to a child!”" (49)

  1. This reminds me of my first granddaughter. I bought her tons of books and each night she would bring several for me to read to her. She’s fall asleep at some point, but it’s a fond memory

    Have a fabulous day, Bette. ♥

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  2. This is great Bette thank you! ❤️️

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  3. A great article. Happy Get Caught Reading month!!

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  4. This is wonderful, Bette! ❤

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  5. Great Bette, I totally agree with you and Dr. Seuss.
    Benefits both the reader and the listener.


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  6. Great to have a month set aside to celebrate this very important and rewarding activity … and hope it continues into the the rest of the year as well! 😀

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  7. Absolutely! What a wonderful month to celebrate reading!

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  8. D.L. Finn, Author said:

    What a beautiful picture, Bette:) Happy National Get Caught Reading Month!

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  9. Some of my favorite reading memories are when my grandma read to me. I’d like to think I’ve passed that legacy on to my daughter and grandson. 🙂

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  10. I have fond memories of reading to my girls and now I feel privileged to read to my grandkids. Thanks for the reminder Bette. Happy reading!

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    • Reading to and with our grands is a privilege and a blessing, Balroop. Treasured moments to savor and share… Blessings and love to you and yours, dear friend. 💞


  11. The youngest child in our family now is (gasp) 22 — my granddaughter. But she learned to read because I read to her and one day, she said “Granma, now I want to read to you.” And she did.

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    • I’m gasping too! Ceilia, our youngest grandgirl will be 22 next month…how the time flies and how blessed we are to have shared and watched their love of reading grow with them. Thanks so much for stopping to share your memories. 💞 P.S. Still working to try to get WordPress to get my blog back in order… My poetry book (paperback) is nearly ready and must work on the digital copy which will have fewer photos and needs to be formatted differently. Fingers crossed all around… Have a beautiful weekend and a blessed Mother’s Day! xoxoxo


  12. My grandies love reading 😀
    ♥ Jennifer

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  13. Ultra said:

    Children’s development is better if they read books. It’s a window to the world!

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  14. Reading aloud to a child….or ANYONE…is magic. Yes, we help develop a child’s imagination, love of reading, and delight in the magic of words when we read to him/her. But I’ve noticed that adults love to be read to also. Look at the success of Audibles! 🙂

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  15. Don’t have books because of storage and cost but do have my trusty Kindle and I do read… perhaps some time in the future may see more of the adventures of Matilda, Grasshopper and the rest of their friends???… 🙂
    Dear lady, with a book and a bit of wine perhaps, have a wonderful Mothers Day (and every day) and hope it is filled with peace, love and happiness and life is all that you wish for it to be!…:)

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    • Thanks so much, Larry. I had a beautiful Mother’s Day filled with the blessings of your lovely wishes. Words written and spoken are treasures that open the world to us all. ❤ I'm awaiting for the proof copy of MY MAINE (print edition) to arrive this week and feeling blessed that we have eBooks as well–working on that edition now. Have a beautiful week, my friend.


  16. wonderful encouragement, Betty!
    i volunteer at an elementary school’s
    reading program and let the kids
    read to me 🙂

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    • That is so awesome! ❤ I'm sure the kids love to see you coming… As a teacher, I know that kids love having guests and what could be better than an adult who comes to listen to them. Kudos, my friend! xo


  17. Thanks for sharing these articles, Bette. There is nothing like reading.

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  18. Every month should be Get Caught Reading Month. Great share, Bette. ❤

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  19. How very ironic. During our recent move, we were without TV or Internet for over two weeks. I can’t imagine how I would have passed the time had it not been for some old friends: my books. I must have read three complete books during that time, and now find myself hungering to read more. Sometimes, less is truly more! Happy Mother’s Day. 🙂

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  20. I love that we have a month for reading! But how did I not know about this before????

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  21. Awesome share, Bette. Everyday is “get caught reading to a child” day!

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  22. Marvelous, Bette. Thanks for promoting Get Caught Reading Month. Hugs on the wing!

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  23. What a great theme for the month!

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