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Inspired by The Pine Tree State­—Maine’s diverse landscape, natural beauty, rural communities, and independent people—the author’s 150 haiku poems, along with her photographs, reflect the Maine she knows and loves. My Maine, Haiku through the Seasons by Bette A. Stevens takes readers on a poetic journey through the state’s four distinct seasons. Whether you’re a native Mainer or from away, Stevens’s short story poems and photographs will resonate.  The collection opens with Maine Pines and People. The journey continues with the rejuvenating spirit of Spring Awakenings and Summer Songs; then on to more of Maine’s extraordinary places and people in Autumn Leaves and Winter Tales. In addition to its poems and photographs, My Maine includes state symbols and interesting facts about The Pine Tree State.

Lovely poetic snapshots of Maine
“This collection of haiku takes about an hour to read, but I recommend a slower savoring of this literary treat. Arranged by season, each poem is an exquisite snapshot of life in Maine — its landscapes, wildlife, people, pastimes, heritage, and communities. They stand alone, but the book’s real beauty is how, when strung together, they create a poetic photo album that captures the heart of the state. A lovely read that I highly recommend.” ~D.W. Peach

Autumn Leaves

Selected excerpts from MY MAINE, Haiku Through the Seasons (Poetry & Photography Collection) by Bette A. Stevens

Washed across woodlands
Blazing brush transforms the world
Into a canvas

Church steeples flashing
Like beacons on the mural
From the Master’s hand

Climb to the summit
Ascending steep timbered trails
Foliage at peak

Crispy, crunchy leaves
Frolic about in the wind
Carnival classics

Skycastle pennants—
Clever couriers announce
The coming tempest

Harvesting, mulching
Gardener’s work never done
But oh, the rewards

Cinnamon, nutmeg
Pumpkin confections abound
Connoisseur’s delight 

Window panes clatter
Leaves scatter in the whirlwind
Green fields turned umber

Drifting off to sleep
Reposing in tawny beds
Autumn leaves at rest

Thanks so much for stopping by to read these selected verses from MY MAINE, Haiku Through the Seasons. Wishing everyone a blessed and beautiful autumn. ~Bette A. Stevens, Maine author

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Comments on: "“Autumn Leaves” from My Maine (Poetry & Photography Collection) by Bette A. Stevens" (54)

  1. Incredibly beautiful Bette!<3

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  2. I love your poetry, Bette. It is so evocative and descriptive. I have your Maine Haiku on my ereader waiting for me, and I’m looking forward to reading it 🙂

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  3. A vibrantly beautiful poem, Bette! You made me SEE the leaves!! Thank you for sharing!

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  4. Bette, your beautiful poetry captures the magic of Autumn … it is wonderfully evocative and I can see, sense, hear and taste the wonders of the season! Congratulations also on the amazing and detailed review … your book is a winner as ‘a poetic photo album that captures the heart of the state.’! 😀❤️

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  5. I agree so much with Diana…”a slower savoring of this literary treat” makes the reader feel and touch each leaf and sway with the Autumn leaves. Love your poetry Bette, I open this book whenever I need a little solace. 🙂 Stay blessed.

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  6. This is a lovely poem from a delightful book, Bette.

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  7. Have a blessed autumn, too, Bette ❤ While the days of autumn in Southern California are not as glorious as those in Maine, I welcome the cooler temperatures.

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    • Thanks so much, Rosaliene. ❤ We loved our days in Southern CA… Spring canyons alive with glorious blooms and oh, those poppy fields. We spent weekends and vacations touring the Golden State–Yosemite and The Redwoods and the glories of the West Coast Pacific Hwy… And monarch butterflies wintering in the eucalyptus trees.. Memories we still treasure. xo

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  8. D.L. Finn, Author said:

    Great review and nice to reread this excerpt, Bette for this fall season:)


  9. What wonderful poetry, Bette:)).

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  10. Beautiful poetry, Bette!

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  11. This was one of my favorites from your collection, Bette. How nice to revisit it as autumn is trying to settle in here in the south. ❤️

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  12. Gorgeous, Bette. One thing I loved about your book was the way each haiku was beautiful all on its own, but put together they painted a much larger picture. Wonderful.

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  13. This is beautiful. Congrats to Bette, a wonderful author and human being.

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  14. Absolutely exquisite, Bette. 💜

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  15. reading your poetry, is like being warmly hugged

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  16. Beautiful, Bette! 🧡🍂 🍁

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  17. This is wonderful, Bette. I can’t wait to start on my copy of My Maine. I might have to push it up the queue.

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  18. What beautiful haiku poems, Bette. It makes me want to hop on a plane to Maine to see all the beauty for myself. Congrats on the great review from Diana! ❤

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  19. Lovely pictures and words, thank you for sharing them and a part of your life!.. wish the prairies would look like your photo but unfortunately not.. however everything is beautiful in its own way… 🙂

    Until we meet again…
    May love and laughter light your days,
    and warm your heart and home.
    May good and faithful friends be yours,
    wherever you may roam.
    May peace and plenty bless your world
    with joy that long endures.
    May all life’s passing seasons
    bring the best to you and yours!
    (Irish Saying)

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  20. You’re so right, Larry…beauty abounds and wherever we might be so do the earth’s blessings. We’ve lived in New York, Virginia, California and Maine and have had the privilege of driving northern, middle and southern routes across our great nation. The beauty lies the diversity of our nation’s wondrous places and people. ❤ Blessings to you and yours, my friend. Thanks so much for stopping by and for your lovely note.


  21. Wonderful post

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  22. […] via “Autumn Leaves” from My Maine (Poetry & Photography Collection) by Bette A. Stevens — Bett… […]


  23. My favorite season!

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  24. You beautiful poetry says it all, Bette. Here I sit at my home office, typing away and looking out the window at the bright yellow leaves on one tree and the turning-orange-to-red leaves on another (in the Boston area). The show is out-of-this-world. And always too short!

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    • Thanks for the lovely note and Boston update, Pam. It’s been an awesome autumn and way too short, but time flies like the leaves and autumn will be here to thrill us again! ❤ Blessings and love…

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  25. Very Nice 🌸❤️

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