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Multi-genre author Toni Pike popped by today to tell us a bit about herself and introduce her first children’s book—Brody Cody and the Stepmother from Outer Space. I have no doubt that it will be the first of a series of beloved chapter books for young readers. ~Bette A. Stevens

Meet the Author

Toni Pike, multi-genre author

I’m the author of several fast-moving thrillers: DESOLATION BLUFF, DEAD DRY HEART and The Jotham Fletcher Mystery Thriller Series. I’ve also written two non-fiction books: THE ONE WAY DIET, a guide to losing weight, and HAPPY TRAVELS 101, a short book of travel tips.

I live in Canberra, the capital of Australia, and firmly believe that coffee and long walks are an essential part of any day. Travelling is one of my main passions – but not at the moment! And I love spending time with family and friends.

“My latest release is something quite different — a funny adventure for children aged 6-9:



While hearing so much recently about children who were staying home to help fight Covid-19, I remembered a story I’d written several years ago. The time seemed right to unleash Brody Cody on the world, a boy who can’t help getting involved in all sorts of crazy adventures with the help of his friends, Kyle and Anastasia. I’m sure that it will be the first in a series.

Readers of my thrillers can now share my work with their children or grandchildren. It’s full of humour for those who like to read aloud – and even better for children to read by themselves. In the first book, Brody thinks an alien invasion might be about to start in his own home – just as his life starts to spiral out of control.


Brody Cody is almost eight years old and definitely, absolutely, positively does NOT want a mother. His mother died when he was a baby but life with his dad is just perfect.

Brody is horrified when his father goes away to a publishing conference and returns with a wife, Pandora Smith, who is a children’s author. His life spirals out of control as he is forced to eat healthy food, do his homework and help with some chores.

Even worse, he and his friends suspect that his new stepmother might be an alien from outer space.

A hilarious adventure for children aged 6-9.

BRODY CODY AND THE STEPMOTHER FROM OUTER SPACE is now available on Amazon: USA  –  UK  –  Australia  –  Canada 


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Comments on: "New Release from Toni Pike — BRODY CODY AND THE STEPMOTHER FROM OUTER SPACE — an adventure for children aged 6-9" (60)

  1. Hi Cathleen, Thank you so much for your lovely comments and for sharing. That home-schooling project sounds so interesting – I do hope your grandchildren enjoy it.

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  2. Sounds like a terrific read. My grandchildren and I are doing a home-schooling project this summer that focuses on space, so this is right up my alley right now. Sounds like a fun read. Sharing… : )

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  3. Thanks for sharing, Bette. It sounds like a terrific tale. Best to Toni. Hugs on the wing!

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  4. Great (children’s) story idea, and how smart of you to publish a children’s book now, Toni, while you can’t travel. I can understand a stepchild wondering if his stepmom is an alien – I know my kids wondered that about me at times, too! 🙂

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    • Thank you so much, Pamela – I had great fun writing it, and that helped to keep the Covid blues away. So funny about your children – I’m sure they felt very lucky. Toni x

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  5. Thank you for sharing!!.. “Life gives us brief moments with another, but sometimes in those brief moments we get memories that last a lifetime, So live that your memories will be part of your happiness.” (Author Unknown)… 🙂

    Hope all is well in your part of the universe and all your tomorrows are filled with happiness!!..

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  6. Nice to meet you, Toni. I waited so long to marry, I was sure I would be a stepmother. This sounds like a fun book.

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  7. Thank you for featuring Toni’s book here, Bette! 🙂

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  8. Lovely to see Tony’s excellent book featured here, Bette. A fantastic read for kids and for me.

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  9. This sounds like an adorable book. And, of course, the stepmother from Outerspace sounds just what a child would say. ❤️❤️❤️

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  10. Sounds so fun!

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  11. I’ve heard such great things about this book. Just what kids, and parents, need right now!

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  12. I’ve seen a couple of posts about Toni’s book. It sounds delightful. Thanks for sharing, Bette. 🙂

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  13. A wonderful share Bette. Wishing Toni great success with her new book.

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  14. Wow what an awesome review of this beautiful book, Bette. Great post.

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  15. Toni, you hit on what fuels me: coffee and long walks are an essential part of any day.

    I’m sure readers with stepmothers in this age group view them as aliens. You book sounds both hilarious and therapeutic. Thanks, Bette, for featuring this author, whose audience you can certainly identify with!

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  16. Hi Jill, Thank you so much and so nice to meet you. I’m so pleased you like it. Toni x

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  17. What a sweet book! Thanks for introducing us to Toni and her book, Bette. The cover is adorable!

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  18. Sounds like a fun book, Bette. I’m pleased the stepmother turns out okay in the end.

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  19. Reblogged this on Toni Pike and commented:
    Thank you so much to amazing author, Bette Stevens, for featuring me and my new children’s book on her website today.

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  20. Thank you so much, Bette, for having me and Brody Cody on your wonderful website today. You are truly awesome. Have a fabulous weekend and stay safe. Toni xx

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  21. Aw, this book sounds adorable. Heehee, she makes him eat healthy food and do his homework.:-)

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