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Lot’s of fun for everyone! You’ll find me at the #RRBC Writers Conference & Book Fair 2020 all week… Books, authors, workshops, games (like BINGO), raffles, giveaways and so much more. Hope to see you there! ~Bette A. Stevens

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Do you like to write? Or read? Do you love books? Do you enjoy the tales crafted by talented authors?

Do you want to find a place where all of these things come together in an online conference where you can enjoy everything that writers have to offer?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes then you are in luck! Today sees the launch of the 5th Annual #RRBC Writers Conference & Book Expo; where you can meet authors, and discover new books. A place where you can find tips on everything from coming up with the first seeds of a story idea to promoting your finished novel, and every step in between.

So why not stop by? There is something to appeal to everyone.



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Comments on: "#RRBC Writers Conference & Book Expo" (23)

  1. Wow this is so beautiful and so nice Bette you can showcase your books and talk about them too.

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  2. Oh what fun! Wishing you all the best Bette. Enjoy yourself.

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  3. This sounds like a great event, Bette. Have a wonderful time! 💕

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  4. I hope everyone will visit! The author booths are open to the public! Thanks for blogging about this amazing conference, Bette!

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  5. Have fun, Bette. It looks like fun. 🙂

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  6. That’s marvelous, Bette. Hugs on the wing!

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  7. This is quite the event, Bette. I am learning a great deal about the Writer’s World from you. It all sounds like great fun. I have “Amazing Matilda” on my list. Enjoy! 💕

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    • I’ve signed up for 5 Workshops during the conference, picked up a few exciting new reads and look forward to a fruitful and fun-tastic week, Erica. Thanks for your continued support, my friend. Wishing you a fun-tastic week too! 📚😘🦋🐛

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  8. Oh, have the loveliest time! it sounds like great fun:)).

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  9. Good luck!

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    • Thanks, Jina! Come have a look around… I’m reading from AMAZING MATILDA and have an author booth with a $25 Amazon Gift Certificate giveaway too… Would love to see you there!

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      • I did come that day, Bette. There were so many links, it took my screen reader a while to find the content. When I read the word ‘booth’ I thought it wasn’t virtual.

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  10. […] #RRBC Writers Conference & Book Expo […]

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